Relationship guide with Yennefer + sex scene

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Guida storia d'amore con Yennefer in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt + video hot


Don Geralt doesn't let any of them escape: here's how to end the love story with Yennefer from Vengerber.

Relationship guide with Yennefer + sex scene

The quest that triggers the love sequence with Yennefer is the mission "The King is dead, long live the king", complete the mission to watch the sequence that you can also see in the following video (after the teleportation tell her that you want to kiss her to start the party ):

However, this is not the only chance you will have to mess with Yennefer, in fact later in the game during the mission "There is no place like home" (after returning from the kitchens with Eskel) when she tries to leave there. just start a conversation with her. At this point, if you have done the dirty in the first opportunity indicated before then you will go up the stairs for a second round, otherwise you attack yourself this time too.

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