Relationship guide with Triss Merigold + hot scene

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Guida storia d'amore con Triss in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt + scene hot


Don Geralt doesn't let any of them escape: here's how to end the love story with Triss Merigold.

Relationship guide with Triss Merigold + hot scene

The quest that triggers the story with Triss is the mission "The drama is the means", in fact only after completing this main mission and saving Dundelion will the secondary mission become available "A matter of life and death" in which you have to help Triss to take a wizard out of town.

Complete this mission in which you will also have to participate in a masked ball, do everything as in the video to get to the first hot meeting (avoid saying that you can not do anything for the wizards and kiss her at the ball), but that's not all.

The story with Triss does not end there, in fact you will have to complete the mission as well "Now or never" which I absolutely recommend NOT to skip because it is very important for the story. After completing the mission, in order for the story with Triss to continue you will have to openly declare yourself to her and this only happens if the conversation at the port ends with your "I love you" and with you agreeing to listen to the love story. by Sigmund. Otherwise with Triss you will remain simple friends.

Here is a video showing it all, including the "hot scenes". Good fun!

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