Redmi 7 vs. Redmi Note 7, which is better

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Redmi 7 vs. Redmi Note 7, which is better? Comparison between Redmi 7 and Redmi Note 7, the 7 key differences between the two terminals you should know before deciding for one or the other. In early 2019, Xiaomi announced that Redmi started to operate independently. He took advantage of the presentation of the Redmi Note 7 to make this announcement, and apparently even with this device, the philosophy will not change.

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Redmi Note 7 is a terminal with a very low price, excellent performance and very interesting features, and the same thing they want to repeat with the Redmi 7, the "little brother" of Redmi Note 7, the Chinese company wants to blow up the market in the range low.

The policy of prices di redmi 7 it is very, very aggressive, even if it is clear that it is a device that is in a different range from that of the "Note". In this article, we tell you which are the main ones differences between Redmi 7 vs. Redmi Note 7 that you should know before buying one of the two terminals.

redmi 7 Redmi Note 7
Design and weight 158,7 x 75,5 x 8,4 mm
180 grams
159,2 x 75,2 x 8,1 mm
186 grams
screen 6,26 inch resolution: 1,520 x 720 6.3 "resolution: 2.340 x 1.080
processor Snapdragon 632 Snapdragon 660
RAM 2 / 3 / 4 GB 3 / 6 GB
internal memory 16 / 32 / 64 GB 32 / 64 GB
Main cameras 12 Mpx f / 2,2
2 Mpx
48 Mpx f / 1,8
5 Mpx
Front camera 8 Mpx 13 Mpx
battery 4.000 mAh microUSB 2.0 4000mAh USB Type-C
android 9.0 MIUI 10 9.0 MIUI 10
price From 90 euros (price in China) From 161 euros


The design is not the section where the two terminals differ the most, but it is clear that there are some differences. As for the size, Redmi Note 7 and Redmi 7 are very similar in height and width.

Thick, the Redmi Note 7 it is thinner with 8,1 mm against Redmi 8,4's 7 mm. There is a difference in weight, but not too palpable (180 grams of Redmi 7 against 186 grams of Redmi Note 7). On the back, the two phones are very similar, as well as on the front, with pronounced bezels, chin and teardrop notch.


If in design they are similar, with the screen ... not very far away. One of the biggest differences between Redmi 7 and Redmi Note 7 is the screen resolution. In size, it's not that noticeable. The Redmi 7 has a 6.26 ″ panel, very large that takes into account the range to which it belongs, with resolution HD+, 1.520 x 720 pixels.

The Redmi Note 7, meanwhile, has a slightly larger screen, 6,3 ″, but the main difference is the resolution. And that is, we moved from HD + to Full HD + , which translates to 2.340 x 1.080 pixels.

The Redmi 7 display has deficiencies in terms of definition, due to a lower concentration of pixels per inch. The display of Redmi Note 7 does not perform badly in terms of brightness and image quality.

Processor and RAM

And give it differences between Redmi 7 vs. Redmi Note 7 as for the display, we turn to the processor and memory. Nor is there any discussion about it. Redmi 7 mounts the Snapdragon 632 processor, a processor that has eight cores at the following frequencies:

  • 4 core a 1,8 GHz Kyro 250 Gold
  • 4 core a 1,8 GHz Kyro 250 Silver
  • Adreno GPU 506

It is a processor that gives good results for its range, and we have seen it on other terminals such as the Moto G7, but it has nothing to do with Snapdragon 660.

The Redmi Note 7 processor also has 8 cores, but distributed like this:

  • 4 core a 2,2 GHz Kyro 260
  • 4 core a 1,8 GHz Kyro 260
  • Adreno GPU 512

Snapdragon 660 is a more efficient processor, more capable with artificial intelligence, more powerful CPU and GPU, and demonstrated great performance with both layers of customization with Android One (in the case of Xiaomi Mi A2).

As for the RAM, the Redmi 7 supports up to 4 GB while the Redmi Note 7 up to 6 GB.

Cameras of another generation

Cameras are another very important point when choosing a mobile phone, we are in a generation where almost all cameras are compatible. In this case it is not an exception and we find two very different cameras.

The two terminals have a dual camera setup to perform background blur. The Redmi 7 has a 12 megapixel main sensor with an f / 2.2 aperture and a second 2 megapixel sensor for portrait mode.

An f / 2.2 camera currently looks poor for getting good photos in low light, but for its range and price segment, it's "normal".

The Redmi Note 7's main camera is a 48 megapixel sensor from Samsung that has an aperture of f / 1.8. This means that much more light enters the sensor and photographs, both indoors and at night, are sharper.

Additionally, 48 megapixels allow for a wider cutout than 12 megapixels. The secondary sensor for bokeh is 5 megapixels.

The front cameras remain at 8 MP for Redmi 7 and 13 MP for Redmi Note 7.

Battery capacity, practically the same

One of the important points where the two phones are exactly the same is the battery. The battery is what allows us to spend more or less time with our device, and in that sense, there is good news.

The two phones have a 4.000mAh battery, which means we can forget to recharge the phone every night.

In our tests with the Redmi Note 7 we got more than 5,5 hours of screen time with 17 hours of use, which means we can use the phone for almost two days.

There are differences in fast charging and USB Type-C

Redmi Note 7 is equipped with Qualcomm's USB Type-C fast charge and QuickCharge. This means that we recharge 50% of the battery in forty minutes and a full charge in one hour and forty minutes.

The Redmi 7 has no USB Type-C or fast charge, so you have to make do with slow charging using microUSB 2.0 (and this also affects the speed when transferring files to a PC, for example.

Price, a big difference between the Redmi 7 and the Redmi Note 7

We have already seen the main ones differences between Redmi Note 7 and Redmi 7but the most important, the price, is missing. As we said before, the terminals are not in the same range. 

Il Redmi Note 7's price is revolutionary, yes, and we can get it with 161 euros in its basic configuration. It is the most attractive price as, unless you want pure Android with the Mi A2, there is no rival for less than 200 euros.

The Redmi 7 does not yet have any price, but if we respect the exchange rate (and with the Redmi Note 7 they did), it would cost more or less 90 euros.

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