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Red Dead Redemption 2 it was literally a success, both in terms of the opinion of the critics and that of the fans. Precisely for this reason we in the editorial team have set in motion to provide you with all the necessary guides to complete the experience in the best possible way. In this guide we will talk about the legendary animals and, below, we bring you the complete list of what has been done so far.

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It is useful to know that there are only one of each type of legendary animals. For this reason, once killed make sure to complete all the operations, skin them and recover all the loot, as you will no longer be able to see others.

Below is the list and the sites where you can spot them:

  • Legendary giant alligator: Bayou Nwa, during the story mission "Getaway out of town" west of Lakay
  • Legendary Puma: Gaptooth Ridge, straight west from Tumbleweed
  • Legendary wolf: Cotorra springs, west of the Bacchus bridge
  • Legendary boar: Bluewater Marsh, north of Lagras
  • Bharati the legendary grizzly bear: East Grizzlies, after completing "Comes out, chased by a wounded ego" just north of O'Creagh's Run
  • Jaguar the legendary panther: Lemoyne, after completing Shady Belle's “Master of the Hunt Rank 9” challenge to the west
  • Legendary moose: Roanoke Ridge, at the most northeastern point of the map
  • Legendary antilocapra: Rio Del Lobo Rock, east of Fort Mercer
  • Legendary bighorn ramo: Pond Cattail, west of Valentine
  • Tatanka the legendary bison: Hennigan Estate, just southeast of MacFarlane Ranch
  • Legendary white bison: Lake Isabella, on the west border of Grizzlies
  • Legendary beaver: just southwest of Butcher Creek
  • Legendary male deer: northwest of Strawberry
  • Legendary Coyote: Scarlett Meadows, northwest of Rhodes
  • Legendary Wapiti: just east of Bacchus station
  • Legendary fox: just north of the Rhodes fence

This is all you need to know about the legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. Stay connected with us so you don't miss any news.


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