Red Dead Redemption 2: how to increase the bond with your horse

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Players who are approaching for the first time a Red Dead Redemption 2 they must know they are there four levels of bonding with your horse and each of these attributes a different benefit. With level 1 your steed will increase health and stamina; with level 2 you can call your horse with a whistle from much further away or during a fight; with level 3 your mount will be able to traverse the most inaccessible terrains and swim in deep waters; with level 4 it will be much more difficult for other players to steal your horse.

Keep in mind that the bond level gained with a horse will not carry over to your new mount, it will therefore be necessary to start again to earn the affection of one's steed from scratch.

Increasing the bond between player and horse is not particularly difficult in Red Dead Redemption 2, but it definitely takes some time. Your pet will only become attached to you over time, but with a little forethought you will be able to get the maximum bond faster. Keep in mind that you are faced with a work that points a lot to realism and therefore you will have to behave exactly as you would in reality to ingratiate yourself with your pet (by feeding him, for example, or by keeping him groomed and combed). The key is therefore to periodically spend some time with your steed.

Another important thing to keep a strong bond with your horse is to make sure this is never endangered and to do so a few and small precautions are enough. For example, remember to tie your horse somewhere when you go on a hunt and make sure it isn't following you or, if it gets agitated, which happens quite often, stop and try to calm it down.

Basically there is no quick method to increase your bond with your steed, but by following these simple tips you will be able to get the level 4 bond in a simpler and faster way.

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