Red Dead Redemption 2: how to contribute to the growth of the camp

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That Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that has done much more than what was expected is something for everyone to see, and one of the features that best convey the idea of ​​gang cohesion is undoubtedly being able / having to contribute to common needs in members can stumble upon. In particular, in this guide, we will explain how we can support our companions at the camp. The outlaws and all the people around them are human beings anyway, and they clearly suffer from hunger, cold, disease, and need to defend themselves.

Precisely for this reason, the way we will have to contribute to the stability and growth of the camp is through donations. It is therefore a question of giving furs collected by hunting animals, ammunition of various kinds, medicines, and the inevitable money, which goes well with any need. Although the latter option turns out to be the quickest and least tiring, money can also be useful to us on other occasions, and therefore being able to obtain the other resources will be fundamental.

The intermediate route is the one dedicated to hunting, where once you have killed the animal, you just have to deliver it to your companions at the camp (after having transported it with your mount).

The most difficult assets to manage, even for personal needs, will be precisely medicines and ammunition: choosing the quantities wisely will be fundamental. To donate this type of goods, you simply need to go to the book located near the cashier. If the donation is excessive, or you need to recover part of these assets, you can buy them back in exchange for money, but we advise you to be extremely careful during the first transition.

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