Rayman Legends - Trophy List [PS3]

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Rayman Legends - Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the list of Rayman Legends Playstation 3 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Barbara is free!
Free the barbarian princess
Stronghold of rock!
Complete "Rock Castle"
Orchestrate this!
Complete "Orchestral Mayhem"
Crazy crazy world!
Complete "Mariachi Madness"
Completa "Glu glu"
Dragon Knight!
Complete "Dragon Slayer"
Friend of the Teens
Salva 150 Teens
Scratch 10 Lucky Scratcher
Aspiring heroes
Get enough Lum to unlock 10 Hero Paintings in the Heroes Gallery
How nice!
Win 30 critters
Master of the locks
Break all the locks of the paintings in the various levels and worlds
Save enough Teens and free yourself from the Dark Teens to make all the Invasion paintings appear
What speed!
Go fast enough to rescue the 3 Teens in an overgrown painting
Obtain the 3 Lum cups and the 3 Teens cups of a painting
Cleaned up!
Save all the Teens of a world to win a diamond cup
Very bronzed
Win all the bronze cups of the paintings
Very silver
Win all the silver cups of the paintings
Win all the gold cups of the paintings
Complete your first painting "Back to the origins"
Turnip combo
Pull a turnip out of the ground with a Smash, then hit it with a flying kick
Kill 5 enemies using turnips
Pull 100 turnips out of the ground
It is not a platform!
Stand on top of a shielded enemy until they try to attack you
Surfer on the ax
With Barbara or Elysia, slide on the ax for 30 meters
It's not funny
Destroy 5 enemies' parachutes to make them fall
Fists are flying!
Eliminate 100 enemies by throwing punches
He takes care of it
In a single spin of "On the Run," let the Luchador kill 10 enemies for you
Island bounces
Collect all the Lums above the Bouncing Island in "The Mysterious Inflatable Island"
Kill 10 frogs using their electric bullets
Splinter Ray
Pass "The Abyssal Mansion" without being illuminated by the sentry lights or touching the lasers
Destroy 5 Shark Man Ducks
One kick and go!
Win a game of Kung Foot
Unlock all challenge paintings
It's everywhere!
Take part in 4 different challenges at least once
First steps
Win a bronze cup after a challenge
He digs it!
Win a silver cup after a challenge
A true champion
Win a gold cup after a challenge
I'm in the lead!
Beat your friend's result in a challenge
Journey to the moon
Free yourself from the five dark Teens
Princely Savior!
Save the 10 princesses
Hero of the Teens
Salva 300 Teens
Scratch me!
Win and scratch all the Grattafortuna
Filthy rich!
Get a million Lums and unlock the ultimate hero
I'd eat them all!
Win all the critters
Very diamond
Win all the diamond cups of the paintings
Old school
Finish all "Back to Origins" paintings
Beat your friends' achievements in challenges 30 times
Reach the last level of Mythical
World tour!
Complete the "Festival of the Rejoicing Dead" world
The chosen one
Save all the kidnapped Teens
Win all trophies in the game
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