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Raw, the study behind the making of several chapters of The Legend of Zelda, is hiring new staff to create a new project, defined in job advertisements as a title "medieval" ed "elegant". We're talking about the studio that developed five Zelda titles, including 3DS titles: Ocarina of Time 3D e Majora's Mask 3D, Tri Force Heroes, Four Swords Anniversary Edition, the port of Luigi's Mansion on 3DS e Link's Awakening, the most recent Nintendo Switch remake of the old title for gameboy, of which you can find our review at this link.

As mentioned, the Australian study Grezzo is particularly looking for a programmer able to use Unity and C # in order to be hired. The new employee will also have to be a video game lover and, as often happens in this area, will be involved in the creation of the video game from its initial planning. From this announcement we also know that the title in question requires the use of Unity, VisualStudio, redmine, jenkins and git.

The search for a programmer is not the only announcement that has been published on the official website of the development studio, there are also others for the search for a Effect Designer and a UI Designer, who will have to take care of the creation of the game HUD, the various menus and other similar elements. In all these cases it is always specified that the game must be medieval and also elegant, focal points of this new project.

The Grezzo studio collaborates with the colossus Nintendo as early as 2010, since the creation of WiiWare, never reached us but remained only in Japan. The Australian development studio doesn't just collaborate with Nintendo, it has also worked for several other companies, including FuRyu for the realization of the title: The Alliance Alive, released in 2017 in Japan and only reached us the following year.

These new hiring announcements sparked our curiosity. Who knows what the well-known Grezzo studio will be working on, perhaps the next title of The Legend of Zelda? We just have to wait for new and future much more official developments to find out a little more.

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