Ratchet & Clank: Trapassatore Riddles Guide [PS4 Walkthrough, Burglar]

Ratchet & Clank: Trapassatore Riddles Guide [PS4 Walkthrough, Burglar]


Let's see how to complete all the Piercer puzzles.

In the remastered of Ratchet & Clank per PS4 there are 16 puzzles / locks you will have to solve to unlock the "Burglar" trophy.

These puzzles are a kind of locks that unlock particular doors. Most of these doors have to be opened to advance the story (that's why the game offers the possibility of auto-violation ...) but some are optional and hide truly exceptional loot. To solve the puzzles you will need the weapon "Trapassatore" that you will automatically receive at some point in the story.

Here is a video showing how to solve the puzzles and open all doors with the Piercer:

Important Note: keep in mind that the puzzles change based on the difficulty you play, the video shows the solution of all the puzzles of the piercer at the lowest (easy) difficulty.

Remember that, to get the trophy, you don't have to use the auto-motion which is activated with the "square" button.

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