Rainbow Six Quarantine: the leak on the date arrives, immediately denied

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Rainbow Six Quarantine, next title released by the French software house Ubisoft on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC consoles, it is currently still without a definitive release date on all gaming machines. Date that, in the last few hours, could have appeared by mistake on the well-known portal Ubisoft Connect. The title in question, only for a few minutes, has in fact been credited as the next launch day March 21 before being promptly removed and denied by the company itself. Will it be a mistake or a simple oversight? However, some users, over the past hours, have in fact noticed how the game page reported this specified date as next for the release day (for convenience we report it below):

Ubisoft itself has then denied what is possible to see, stating that it was a simple error promptly corrected and that Rainbow Six Quarantine, at the moment, does not yet have a release date. Officially announced during E3 2019, the game should have been released during 2020 before being postponed for a rather large window than foreseeing the debut during the fiscal year of 2021/2022 that is to say from April 2021 to March 2022. Speech similar to what happened to another Ubisoft work out which bears the name of Far Cry 6 and which has been postponed.

At the moment we do not know very well the characteristics and peculiarities of the Ubisoft title, except that Rainbow Six Quarantine is a spin off of the original Rainbow Six Siege released several years ago. We will certainly find ourselves in front of a tactical team shooter with many operators. Stay tuned to our pages to find out all the news about it. For those who missed it, we leave you now at the link to retrieve the announcement trailer of the title that took place during the Los Angeles conference.

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