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    Rage - Trophy List PS3

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    Rage - Trophy List PS3

    Here are all the Trophies in the game


    Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Rage



    Arts and crafts
    Design 10 items.
    Design 50 items.
    Ace of the jet pack
    Kill an Authority enforcer during the jet pack descent.
    Quiet and deadly
    Stealth kill 10 enemies with the Desert Striker crossbow.
    Kill at least 3 enemies with a single enemy under mind control.
    Get 10 headshots with the wingstick.
    Open mind
    Get 10 headshots with the Sniper Rifle.
    Perform all 18 jumps with the vehicle.
    I have them all!
    Get all playing cards in a single game.
    I need
    Get all recipes and all blueprints in a single game.
    Difficult deck
    Beat Teague's hardest deck.
    Roll 4 targets in the first round of Tombstone.
    Just a scratch, just a scratch
    Complete the final round of Fillet of the 5 fingers.
    Complete the final round of the Banjo minigame.
    Win all the mini-games.
    Heavy foot
    Win a race in the campaign.
    Demolition Man
    Destroy 100 enemy vehicles.
    Score all 3 goals from the ATV with your body.
    Pirate of the Zone
    Invest in 10 mutants.
    Ghost Buster
    Complete the Campaign Hideout of the Ghosts.
    Rubbish dump
    Complete Garage of the Devastated in the campaign.
    Complete Mutant Bash TV in the campaign.!
    Complete Dead City in the Campaign.
    A well of skill
    Complete Well in the Campaign.
    Fatigue paid off
    Complete Shroud Bunker in the campaign.
    Attic attic
    Complete Dead City - Inverted in the Campaign.
    Complete Prison of Authority in the campaign.
    Assault on the vault
    Complete Brain Base in the campaign.
    Fight for energy
    Complete Campaign Power Plant.
    Complete Jackal Canyon in the campaign.
    Hoard of mutants
    Complete Blue Line Station in the campaign.
    Earning the loaf
    Earn $ 750 in one episode of Bash TV in the campaign.
    Find the secret developer graffiti room.
    The legend begins ...
    Complete a Wasteland Legend.
    Entry forbidden to losers
    Complete a Wasteland Legend without any player being disabled.
    Fresh meat
    Complete a combat rally in multiplayer mode.
    Top player
    Get first place in a multiplayer combat rally.
    Complete all Legends of the Blasted Zone.
    An authentic legend
    Complete a Legend of the Wasteland on Nightmare difficulty.
    Do me harm
    Complete the campaign on at least Normal difficulty.
    Complete the campaign on at least Hard difficulty.
    Supreme nightmare
    Complete the campaign on Nightmare difficulty.
    Step forward!
    Get 5 kills by deploying a turret.
    Kill 100 enemies with sentries, turrets or guided bombs.
    Office worker
    Complete 5 board tasks in a single match.
    Get 3 kills with a single sentry.
    Rage cup
    Win all races in the campaign.
    Three birds with one bomb
    Kill 3 enemies with a single guided bomb.
    Hey, let's go slow
    Complete the campaign on any difficulty level.
    Obsessive Compulsive
    Complete the campaign 100%.
    Master of the Wasteland
    Collect all 50 Trophies.


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