Rage 2 - Guide to cheats and how to unlock them

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2 Rage it is a videogame that must be tried, because although the plot is not particularly captivating and the gameplay is quite simple, it is not obvious that the missions can be overcome so easily, and you know, gamers who love the genre are always attracted to complicated situations . So if the game is giving you a hard time, in this guide we will tell you something about the tricks and how to get them, but always keep in mind that each time you activate them it will not be possible to unlock achievements and trophies. Also remember that they will remain active until you close the game, and when you load a game all the tricks will automatically deactivate. Those who have purchased the Deluxe Edition will be able to immediately access some of them by going to the Settings menu, and then to the Cheats section.

To unlock all the tricks of the game it will be necessary to buy them from a wacky sorcerer called Mangoo the Unborn, who, unfortunately, does not have a fixed abode but rather wanders around the map, even if he seems to prefer the boundaries of the same. The simplest way to recognize his shelter, since his location is not marked unless you are nearby, is to spot three large green inflatable balloons attached to the roof, which this NPC hypothetically uses to move around. from one area to another.

In the following list we indicate the locations where it has been seen most frequently.
Broken Tract
Mangoo can appear northwest of the Eden Space Center, in the southeast corner of Broken Tract. This is an area that you will also need to visit during one of the main missions. You will find it in the rubble of an overpass along the main road leading to the space research center.

Sekreto Wetlands
Look for it in the swamps found in the southeast corner of Sekreto Wetlands, north of the Squelch Bandit Refuge. It may be seen in the clearing between two roads leading out of the swamp, south of the Pit Stop Deserk Kindling, very close to the border with the Broken Tract region. Also take a look along the western edge of the region, at the large marshy islet behind two buildings, near the Dwellers and Canned Heat. You will find his hut along the northwest side of the island, on a small hill, right on the border of the region.

The Wilds
You might find it in the easternmost area of ​​the region, on an islet in the middle of a pond near Abadon Sanctum, east of the town of Dreadwood. As it will appear along the southeast side of the island, don't worry about how to get there as the water is quite shallow.

Let's now see what are the tricks known so far:
• He's On Fire, cost $ 2.000: This trick makes famous NBA Jam reporter Tim Kitzrow comment on your every action.
• Diamond Geezer, cost $ 2.000: in this case, British actor Danny Dyer will comment on your actions.
• Git Gud: all enemies will fall in one fell swoop.
• Klegg Support, Free: Summons ally Klegg to help you out in combat.
• Son of Thor, cost $ 2.000: you will attract lightning bolts that you can redirect against enemies.
• Phoenix Rejector Seat: When you press the eject button, the vehicle will be thrown into the sky for you.
• Progress Booster, cost $ 500: for the duration of 4 hours doubles the amount of Feltrite collected.
• Super Phoenix, $ 1.000 cost: Hugely upgrades your 4 × 4 Phoenix car with infinite ammo without overheating, unlimited booster and damage resistance increase.
• Super Overdrive, cost $ 1.000: increases the power of the Overdrive.
• Super Wingstick, cost $ 1.000: the wingstick can be redirected indefinitely.
• Red Barrel Rain, cost $ 2.000: A few red explosive barrels will fall in front of you.

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