Rage 2 - Guide on how to unlock the barrier ability

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Among the various skills featured in 2 Rage there is one, certainly less overwhelming than the others, but certainly useful in cases of extreme emergency. This is the Barrier, a Nanotrite ability that allows you to drop a protective energy shield which will protect you from all enemy hits. Using it you will always have a safe place to heal should you find yourself embroiled in a more grueling fight than expected. Unfortunately, its duration is short, but the barricade can help you get out of a bottling when you are attacked by multiple enemies at the same time and there is no other cover nearby.

This skill is learned by finding The Ark that contains the power-up, which stands at Spikewind Ark in the Broken Broken Tract. Unlike other Archi, this one will be a little easier to spot as you just need to look at the hills in the eastern part of this region, near the border with the Sekreto Wetlands. There it will be possible to spot a group of windmills that dominate the landscape. Take a look through the rubble of one of them that has collapsed, you will be exactly on top of Spikewind Ark.

So far so good, but now it needs to be acquired, and that's another story. When you arrive on the scene, you will see a heavily armed Junkmek fighting a group of Immortal Shrouded. You can decide whether to let the Junkmek take out the Immortal Shrouded, or join them to help them defeat the mechanical boss and ultimately kill the survivors in turn. When all is over and you have a clear path, go inside and get the Wall. It's also possible to upgrade it to cover more area, damage enemies that touch it, and even channel energy to you when you take damage.

Be aware that the Barrier's design was very different in the pre-release versions of the game, as it looked like a huge wall. So when you select the updates from the Nanotrite menu, some of the videos played actually show the original design.

The Barrier skill will kick in by pressing the LB / L1 button to use the Fire skills, and then pressing the B / Circle button to deploy the barricade. The Barrier skill lasts for 10 seconds by default, but using Feltrite it can be upgraded for 12,5 seconds at level 2 up to 15 seconds at level 3.

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