Quantum Break: Complete Collectible Guide [Xbox One]

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Quantum Break: Complete Collectible Guide [Xbox One]


The hunt for the collectible is on.

For all the other guides and solutions on the game, do not forget to also consult the cheats and complete guide card of Quantum Break.

There are a total of 206 collectibles to collect in Quantum Break. Finding them all will serve you for several reasons: in addition to unlocking numerous game objectives, the Quantum Break collectibles are also used to discover new interesting background of the plot and, in the case of the sources of Chronon, also to enhance the character.

In this video you can see how to find all the Quantum Break collectibles: quantum propagations, information, Chronon sources and all narrative objects (mail, computer, posters, etc.)

If you find it inconvenient to follow everything with a single video, don't worry, below you will find the links to the detailed guides for each collectible that we have prepared:

Quantum Break: guide to ALL Quantum Propagations

Quantum Break: guide to find ALL the information

Quantum Break: guide to Narrative Objects (mail, posters, programs, etc.)

Quantum Break: guide to ALL Chronon Sources

Have fun!

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