QR Code Investigations: Read only

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Watch Dogs QR Code Missions Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


There are numerous side missions available in Watch Dogs. It's time to get into the investigations QR codes.

QR Code Investigations: Read only

To unlock this Trophy / Achievement you need to find a total of 16 QR codes and then complete the latest QR Code Survey, that is, a mission that unlocks after finding all the codes. In addition to unlocking the achievement as a reward for completing the last mission you will also unlock a weapon, the tommy gun.

If you have already unlocked the ctOS antennas (see guide to ctOS antennas) the position of the codes will be marked on the map, even if it will not be very accurate. You will then have to find a particular camera in the area and frame its QR code from a certain angle.

Below is a video showing it where all the codes are located and how to complete the last investigation mission. For all the other guides, don't forget to consult the Watch Dogs tricks and guides tab.

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