Prototype 2 - The highest point on the map [unlocks Icarus and Above all]

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Prototype 2 - The highest point on the map [unlocks Icarus and Above all]

If you need a little help finding the Highest point in the Prototype 2 game world this guide will solve your problem right away. Even if you are not a fan of breathtaking views, climbing to the top of the top of the tallest building will serve you to unlock the achievement / trophy

Icaro - Reach the highest point in the game world.

Not only that, since your Fragger never leaves anything to chance, following these instructions you will also unlock another achievement / trophy, that is

Above all - Spend at least 25 consecutive seconds in the air (not aboard helicopters).

Here's how to do it. First of all know that you will not be able to unlock these two achievements immediately as you first have to upgrade the movement skills to the maximum, otherwise once you are on top you will not be able to unlock "Above All" as well. Then you will have to gain access to the Empire State Building which is the tallest building on the map, which you can only access later in the game.

How many are you in compliance with these two simple requirements go to the Empire State Building (coordinates 678, 258) and use the run on the wall to get to the top, once you reach the required height (more or less in the middle of the antenna) you will unlock the result "Icarus".

Now try to get to the highest point of the antenna and then launch yourself into the void using a fully loaded jump. You will have to do everything to stay in the air as much as possible (at least 25 seconds) to unlock the result "Above all". So use the glide right away, when it starts to lose intensity and you start to fall, use the momentum to gain some thrust and go back to gliding. Repeat until you can do this.

Everything is shown in the following video, if you do everything correctly the two results will be yours.

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