Prototype 2 - Black Box Guide [unlock Trust your nose]

Prototype 2 - Black Box Guide [unlock Trust your nose]

Prototype 2 has arrived (a few days ago for the most crafty) in our stores and therefore also in our consoles and PCs. Let's start immediately with the guides dedicated to this second chapter of the series dealing with the collectible black boxes.

The black boxes to find there are 45 in total and recovering them all we will unlock the trophy / objective:

Trust your nose Find all the black boxes.

For these as for the other collectibles in the game, remember that by accessing the map and moving the cursor when it is near an area that contains a collectible, a small icon will appear. That's where you'll have to search to find the black box.

However, the following video shows the exact position of all the black boxes to be found. Good vision and good Prototype 2 at all.

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