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    Project Cars - Achievements List + Secret Achievementss [Xbox One]

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    Project Cars - Achievements List + Secret Achievementss [Xbox One]


    Here is the complete list of Xbox One Achievements for Project Cars


    You have unlocked all other achievements
    0 G
    From rags to riches
    Won the LMP1 World Championship within ten seasons
    30 G
    Reigning champion
    You have defended a Career Championship for three consecutive years
    30 G
    Three crowns
    You have won three Career Championships in three different motorsport disciplines
    30 G
    Hall of Fame
    Completed three Quests and became a Racing Legend!
    50 G
    Filthy rich
    You have signed 8 advertising contracts
    30 G
    You have received 12 invitations
    30 G
    You have completed Free Practice, Qualification and Race Sessions in every round of the Career Championship
    30 G
    Veni Vidi Vici
    You have won every race in a Career Championship
    30 G
    Double rainbow
    You have won the same Career Championship for two consecutive years
    30 G
    We are a team
    You have won a team championship for two consecutive years
    30 G
    Balla il twerk
    You have won your first prize
    10 G
    Taylor would be proud
    You have won 22 awards
    30 G
    Full mailbox
    You have received more than 500 messages from your fans
    20 G
    A love of motor
    You have won over 50 events with your custom car
    20 G
    Towards affinity and beyond
    Achieved 50% greater Affinity across all car classes
    30 G
    Field factor
    You have won over 20 events in your favorite venue
    20 G
    You took a photo of your custom car in your favorite place
    10 G
    Pit boss
    You have created and saved a box strategy
    5 G
    I request a low flight
    You entered and exited the pit lane without losing positions (you can't be last)
    10 G
    Long live consistency
    You completed 3 consecutive laps with a maximum difference of 0,1 seconds
    30 G
    My little friend
    You passed a car using the KERS
    10 G
    Grand Slam
    You got pole position, set the fastest lap and finished first in every lap
    20 G
    Twenty-four hours straight
    You finished a 24-hour race with real-time progression (did you stream it ?!)
    45 G
    Emergency stop
    You braked from 100 to 0 km / h within 2 seconds
    10 G
    A glass of water
    Completed Azure Circuit in reverse and cockpit view in Quick Race Weekend without clashes
    20 G
    Won a Race Weekend with actual damage, mechanical problems and tire wear (5 or more laps)
    10 G
    Sunday driver
    You drove a Spanish car respecting the speed limit (50 km / h) while admiring the Azure Coast
    20 G
    To the east and then to the south
    You covered the California Highway in less than 9 min. on an American car
    20 G
    Player 1 against the world
    You have entered more than 25 online races and completed them
    20 G
    You have stood on the podium more than 50 times in online public races
    30 G
    I'm 5%
    Won online public tender with Manovrab. pro, manual gearbox, unassisted driving and cockpit view
    30 G
    Smooth as oil
    Won three online public races in a row without being involved in serious confrontations
    20 G
    Perfect painting
    You have avoided serious fights in 50% of online races on a minimum of 3 races
    30 G
    Super fast car
    You have set a time for pole position in an online public qualifying session
    30 G
    Ghost hunter
    Beat a ghost from the Time Trial leaderboards
    10 G
    Record wizard
    Established a time in 50 places (no changes and reverse tracking needed)
    50 G
    Community Ambassador
    You have participated in 20 Community Events of the Driver Network
    20 G

    Project Cars Secret Goals

    Half pilot, half demon
    You drove over 333km / h for over 6,66 consecutive seconds
    20 G
    Ready Steady…
    You have a reaction time of less than 0,2 sec. starting from the starting grid
    10 G
    Keep Calm ... and keep running
    You won the race after a crash before or during the opening corner
    20 G
    The roads are useless
    Have all four wheels suspended in the air for more than 0,88 sec.
    10 G
    Don't you smell a weird smell?
    You have overheated the brakes to a temperature of 1000 ° C
    10 G
    On your left
    You have lapped an opponent in a race
    20 G
    Recognize the merits
    You ran into the AI ​​counterpart of an SMS employee
    10 G
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