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Programs for recording webcam video. Webcams are incredibly useful tools for your computer. Whether you need to contact friends and family on Skype, communicate with your colleagues while working from home, or need to create YouTube videos, webcams are an essential part of using a computer.

Of course, to record video with your webcam, you will need a software suite that allows you to record and capture video. Whether you're using a webcam recording program or a screen recorder, they both do the same job.

From recording video calls or chat to webcam to creating tutorials and demonstrations, both webcam recorders and screen recorders can do whatever you need, we will tell you both to help a larger group of people.

All five of our products on this list are free or offer trial programs that allow you to capture webcam video. So without further ado, these are the best webcam recorders to use in 2020.

Programs for recording webcam video

1. Free2X webcam recorder

Free2X Webcam Recorder is exactly what it says. A free program that will allow you to record whatever your webcam does. The program is free but donations are welcome as the company behind it is a non-profit. The program is simple and does the job well. The interface is simple and intuitive and will allow you to register in minutes.

Free2X Webcam Recorder can record from most webcams or digital video cameras and will save the files as AVI, MP4 or WMV for later editing. You can also take screenshots which can add value to tutorials or demonstrations.

2. Cyberlink YouCam 9

Cyberlink YouCam 7 is a premium product, it has a 30 day free trial. It costs $ 29,95. It is more than just a webcam recorder. What it has to do it does very well and can record everything that happens in front of the camera and works with most types of cameras. It's also an editor so you can produce a broadcast-ready video from a single program.

YouCam 7 offers some cool features, including the ability to add virtual effects and effects to live chats, support for most major video conferencing software, photo and video editing tools, and even a lighting adjustment feature. If you are looking to create professional videos, this might be for you.

3. FlashBack Recorder Express 

FlashBack Express is a free screen recorder with specific webcam recording functions. It is completely free and is an excellent option for creating professional looking videos. It takes some mastering with the application, but it can get you to create professional-grade videos quickly.

The interface is simple and easy to navigate. The menus are logical, and all the tools you'll likely need are right at your fingertips. It works with most video formats, has no watermark, and has no video length or feature limitations. It is a useful program for multiple uses.

4. Open Broadcaster Software one of the best programs to record webcam video

OBS Studio is a screen recorder. It can record the webcam and anything else that happens on the computer screen. The product is free and open source and works on all platforms. It installs quickly and works with most camera types, video formats and encoding technology. You can do pretty much anything with this program.

If you just have to record video from your webcam, so .. simple is not for you. If you need to create video tutorials or produce professional videos, this program is definitely worth trying. The learning curve is steep but the end results will be worth it!

5. ManyCam

ManyCam is one of the best programs to record video from a very powerful webcam and is full of features. It has a free version with limited features and three premium versions starting at $ 29. The free version uses watermark.

The program itself has many features and can work with most cameras. It can accept multiple video sources and can transmit or record images in the image. It also has editing features, screen sharing, and loads of other cool stuff that you probably would never use.

So what do you think of the best programs to record video from the webcam

These are what I think are the best free webcam recorders to use in 2020. They are great for all skill levels, will record your webcam and so much more. Do you have other programs to suggest?

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