Problems with Bluetooth headphones and how to fix them

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Bluetooth headphones have been around for a while, but it took a few years for their audio quality and pricing to actually attract customers. Ever since Apple released its AirPods, consumer demand for wireless headphones has increased.

Despite technological advances, Bluetooth headphones are still plagued with some annoying problems. We have looked at the most common Bluetooth problems and found some solutions.

Problems with Bluetooth headphones and how to fix them

Problems with Bluetooth headphones and how to fix them

My smartphone cannot find my Bluetooth headphones

So you want to connect your headphones to your smartphone, but for some reason the headphones are not showing up in the list of Bluetooth devices? Here is a list of potential solutions to this problem:

  • Check if you have actually activated the Bluetooth connection on your phone. It is easy to forget.
  • Check if your headphones are compatible with your device and operating system. If you are using an iPhone it should work on at least iOS 7, which natively supports “Bluetooth Smart Ready”. If you are using Android, make sure you are running at least Android 4.3.
  • Make sure your smartphone and headphones are close enough to each other when you want to connect them. While most Bluetooth devices, especially headphones, have sufficient range, the best way to make sure they connect is when they are within 3 feet of each other.
  • Check the manufacturer's recommended pairing procedure. Not all Bluetooth headphones connect with the phone in the same way; sometimes it's as easy as turning on the headphones, other times it's a little more complicated. To avoid problems with pairing your device, please read carefully all the details about what you should do.
  • Try turning them off and on again. It's an old method, but let's face it - sometimes it actually works.
  • Turn off or remove any interfering devices. It could be that for some reason your headphones are trying to connect with another device instead of your smartphone.
  • Step away from the WiFi router. It could be that your WiFi router is using the same spectrum as the headphones, thus causing some interference.

My Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting

There is nothing more frustrating than listening to some mp3 songs when suddenly the connectivity of the Bluetooth headset drops. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection cuts completely and forces you to reconnect, other times it will stop for a few seconds before it reconnects. Both are equally frustrating experiences, but offer equally simple solutions.

  • Maintain range of headphones and smartphone. It's easy to get around without being tied to your smartphone's audio jack, but it's even easier to find yourself out of range.
  • Remove any unnecessary Bluetooth connections. It could very well be that your smartphone is "overwhelmed" by the amount of things trying to connect to it.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth headset has enough battery power. Bluetooth headphones tend to disconnect periodically when empty.
  • Try unpairing the headphones and then reconnecting them with the smartphone.

Pairing between my headphones and smartphone keeps failing

It also happens often enough that when you try to pair your headphones and smartphone together, you will be greeted with an error message or the pairing process seems to work - without actually pairing the two. The simplest solution here is:

  • Delete all unused or unnecessary Bluetooth connections. Some devices don't work if there are too many devices in the Bluetooth list.

If that fails, you can try any of the other solutions we have already listed above.

I hear noises every time I listen to music on my Bluetooth headphones

Although it has come a long way, Bluetooth technology is still prone to interference such as static or crackling noises when you listen to music.

  • First you need to disable any other unused Bluetooth device in the area.
  • If the interference doesn't go away try resetting the headphones (you can do this by referring to the manufacturer's website).
  • Turn on the media player, then unplug the headphones for 30 seconds and then plug them back in.
  • Reduce the distance between your smartphone and headphones, as it also helps reduce (or even fix) any kind of interference.

These are all proven methods for getting around some of the annoying Bluetooth problems. If none of these methods worked, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly.

Please let us know what problem Bluetooth headphones have brought you. Were you able to solve?

Bluetooth headphones which one to choose

More than ever, bluetooth audio headphones have become an indispensable accessory in our daily life. Whether we are listening to music at home or on public transport, during a workout or even watching a movie, bluetooth headphones have become very useful. In-ear headphones are the most popular models on the market.

Manufacturers are obligated to supply one pair of headphones for each phone. But their quality isn't always up to par, which is why I'll explain how to choose the best in-ear bluetooth headset.

In-ear headset: for whom?

Le bluetooth headset headphones are among the leading families of headphones on the market. Between  over-the-ear headphones and earphones, the  phones ear channel they are distinguished by their location within the ear canal itself. This system guarantees among other things a excellent sound insulation from external noises and a high stability, very appreciated during the practice of a sport, for example.

It is for these reasons that the earphones I am particularly appreciated by sportsmen, looking of bluetooth headphones that can remain in place while running, for example. The headphones -ear they are very popular for listening to music on public transport. Their exceptional isolation makes it possible to muffle the surrounding noise.

Choose in-ear headphones

In short, the headphones in  -ear  are the ideal choice if you are looking for one headset with good sound insulation and greater stability to use during training, eg. But there are other details to check before buying yours first pair of In-Ear headphones.

  • In-ear headphones and earphones

Since the headphones in- ear are introduced directly into the conducted auditory, most of headphones it is sold in different sizes to ensure unmatched comfort and support. A poorly fitting in-ear headset could be very embarrassing and painful! For this, it is recommended to try, if possible, in the shop the pair of cuffie a  you are interested in to make sure they are suitable for you.

For outdoor athletes, too strong sound insulation could be dangerous. It is recommended that you use a headset system other than foam or silicone. The fins ensure good stability in the ear canal without reducing external noise.

The Bluetooth system has become very common when it comes to headphones and has many advantages. In fact, Bluetooth headphones allow you to solve the eternal problem of tangled cables. Bluetooth headphones thus become the ideal partner for all sports sessions!

The Bluetooth headset often come with a remote control and microphone, they also control calls and music without touching their cell phone.

It is always better to check the autonomy of the Bluetooth system. It would be a real shame to have to charge wireless headphones too often, especially if you listen to a lot of music.

The best apps for listening to music on Android

All human beings generally love music and our Android phones allow us to play a large variety of music on our device. To help you choose better, we present our list of the 10 best music players for Android that you can use. Let's see which ones. The best apps to download music on Android

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