Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 - Trophy List PS3

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 - Trophy List PS3

Complete list of trophies.


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Santander Libertadores Cup: 16
Awarded for making it through the group stage in the [Copa Santander Libertadores].
Santander Libertadores Cup: 1V
Awarded for beating COM for the first time in the [Copa Santander Libertadores].
Among the best 16 in Europe
Awarded for making it through the UEFA Champions League group stage in the [Masters League].
First victory: Patron
Awarded for achieving your first win as a club owner in [Patron].
First win: Competition
Awarded for earning your first win in an [Online Competition].
First victory: Exhibition
Awarded for beating the COM for the first time in a [Performance].
  First win: Quick match
Awarded for first win in a [Quick Match]. Disconnections are not allowed.
First win: Master Championship
Awarded for achieving your first win in [Master League].
UERA Champions League: 1 ^ won
Awarded for beating COM for the first time in the [UEFA Champions League].
Mister Versatility
Awarded for learning to play in another location in [Become a Legend].
Online Debut
Awarded for debuting in an [Online] game. Disconnections are not allowed.
Awarded for gaining promotion to one of the top divisions of the [Master League].
Proud captain
Awarded for being chosen as the captain of a club team in [Become a Legend].
Professional debut
Awarded for making your professional debut in [Become a Legend].
Spectacular synthesis
Awarded for viewing a video of the highlights in [Final Summary].
Awarded for acquiring a new skill in [Become a Legend].
Theater critic
Awarded for viewing a video of the summary uploaded by a user in the [Teatro dei Miti].
UEFA Champions League: Round of XNUMX
Awarded for making it through the [UEFA Champions League] group stage.
Awarded for making your first connection to the [Online Master League].
Winning President
Awarded for winning one of the top championships in [Patron] mode.
Winning coach
Awarded for winning the title in one of the best leagues featured in the [Master League].
Re Copa Santander Libertadores
Awarded for becoming [Copa Santander Libertadores] Champion.
National cup champion
Awarded for winning a national team competition in [League / Cup].
Dominators of Europe
Awarded for becoming UEFA Champions League Champion in the [Masters League].
Top eleven of the Championship
Awarded for being inducted into the Ideal Team of the Season in [Become a Legend].
Championship winner
Awarded for winning the championship in [Become a Legend].
Championship Winner
Awarded for winning a title as the only participating user in [League / Cup].
National pride
Awarded for participating in the International Cup in [Become a Legend].
  Community member
Awarded for joining your first [Online Community].
Victory in the league, UEFA Champions League and national cup in 1 Master League season.
UEFA Champions League debut
Awarded for making his UEFA Champions League debut in [Become a Legend].
UEFA Champions League: Champion
Awarded for becoming [UEFA Champions League] Champion.
The number one of the owners
Awarded for being the most successful owner in [Patron].
The number one team
Awarded for leading your team to the top of the club rankings in [Master League].
Super star
Earned by winning the UEFA Club Player of the Year award in [Become a Legend].
Best footballer of the year
Awarded for Best Player of the Year nomination in [Become a Legend].
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