PowerA Spectra for Nintendo Switch: the review of the budget price pad with LED Edge

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The principle that leads us in 2021 to turn on a console with a wired pad is still a matter of debate. We tested this PowerA Spectra for Nintendo Switch from the sofa, in front of a 65 '' TV, therefore at about 3 meters away as more or less recommended and connecting it with the supplied cable just 3 meters long. Were we comfortable? Not really, there is little to do. Given the increase in the average cut of living room TVs and the lowering of the cost of USB cables, we sometimes struggle to understand why not to increase the length of the wires for console wired pads, but that's a question we leave here for posterity. Apart from this, the most interesting feature of the product is the LED function, a reason that, net of the input lag, pushes the manufacturer to wire it and ensure constant power supply.

We have already tested the construction capacity of PowerA in the past and it is more than good: we like the type of material used, the finish, the sensation to the touch, the arrangement of the keys, the stroke of the same, their low noise level, the style ... in general the product conveys good quality. There are more plasticky elements, but overall everything works properly and the directional cross, frankly, is more than excellent.

In this review of the PowerA Spectra for Nintendo Switch we will therefore see how a third-party pad Switch from 40 € behaves to the test of the facts.

Hardware features

The PowerA Spectra for Nintendo Switch allows you to choose up to 8 different colors

The Spectra is more a line than a product in itself: before the Switch one, PowerA launched the version for Xbox and PC on the market, with similar operation. What we hold in our hands is a pad that follows the Fusion Pro Wireless in terms of ergonomics, grip, materials and hardware features: therefore NFC reader and HD rumble remain absent, but with the 3.5mm jack for the audio stream.

It is a pad that weighs less than its premium counterpart, it naturally has no interchangeable cover, it has no levers but just like the MOGA it provides the ability to map two buttons thanks to the rear keys. The element that makes it most unique is the peripheral LED line that embraces the entire body, the buttons, the directional cross and the analogs: with the light off or dim it is interesting to have the halo of the color chosen from the 8 available that permeates the gaming experience. The LEDs can also be set in iridescent, style mode rainbow lighting, or turn off completely, however, they cannot be adjusted in intensity or mapped to individual parts of the controller.

Taking into account that the eyes are theoretically turned to the TV, having or not having the lighting on the pad is a factor that as the minutes of the game go by it loses enough focus and we realized that it is not something we felt we had. need. It is a tinsel that must be mixed with the hardware offer available and the asking price to take the lot home. Seen in this way, the Specter is positioned as a price in the medium-low range, however, bringing elements such as the double programming, the audio jack and in general a very good production, which make it perfect for anyone looking for a way to play in dock mode - and only in that - without spending particular amounts.

PowerA Spectra data sheet for Nintendo Switch

Amazon PowerA Offer Spectra Advanced Wired Controller For Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch

€ 39,99 € 32,99


  • Design: Controller Switch
  • Programming: Yes, 2 buttons on the back
  • Connectivity: Cavo USB - Micro USB
  • Accessories: 1 x USB cable - Micro USB for charging
  • dimensions: 150 x 105 x 61 millimeters
  • Weight: 241 grams
  • Price: 39,90€ su Amazon

Experience of use

3.5mm jack, programmable keys, LEDs: net of other shortcomings, the PowerA Spectra has a good extra equipment

We made one road test quite literally: we spent several hours on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, alternating Pro Controller with Spectra. The experience gave us satisfactions not only playful: after getting used to the Fusion, finding the same shape of buttons and knurled analogs made us feel immediately at home. The triggers remain at the cusp and the programmable keys we continue to consider them not very useful, but we tested them: the idea has not changed, the keys remain plasticky and of lower quality than the rest of the pad but still represent something more, not present on the Pro Controller.

A spin at Ghosts' n Goblins Resurrection never hurts, especially when there are still some fireflies still scattered here and there: the pad is extremely responsive, comfortable to manage by throwing the fingertips in any direction, the directional cross remains a great way to play the platform and that of the Spectra draws well on the PowerA tradition.

We could go on with Splatoon 2, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and others, but the substance does not change: thanks to the decidedly low price you do not notice too much the absence of secondary features.

The absence of lag, the good production, the ability to remap the keys and the colors of the Edge LEDs could convince more than one gamer. Apart from those listed and the length of the cable, there are no particular absences or game deficits.


Price 39,99 € Buy it here



By now with PowerA products we have made the call: no rumble, no NFC. But the American manufacturer brings in the enclosure audio jacks, LEDs, programmable keys, in general a decent production but, most important of all, a low price. There is no doubt that the range to which this product is aimed is the medium-low one, ideal for those who want to spend little and find themselves with a functional, comfortable pad, with shortcomings but also some gems, capable of ferrying with relative tranquility to the next, big one. iteration of Nintendo's official Pro controller.


  • Very attractive price
  • LEDs and programmable keys
  • Wired control for those who appreciate it on consoles
  • HD Rumble and NFC reader are missing
  • 3 meters of cable may not be enough
  • The keys in the back remain unattractive
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