Postal 3 - Cheat Codes [PC]

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Postal 3 - Cheat Codes [PC]

The tricks to use on PC.


I'm sure you're dying to put your psycho little hands on the tricks that will blow up your Postal 3 gameplay experience even further.

Well here we are dear ones because by correctly inserting the following tricks you can unlock all the weapons, get the infinite life and more.

The cheats are tested on the Steam version of the game

To use the tricks we are about to propose to you, as usually happens for PC games, you have to open the command console. To do this, press the key (if it doesn't work, try with ` or the tilde symbol)

Once the console is open, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding trick.

giveall All weapons available
god God mode
host_timescale 0.1 slow motion
host_timescale 1 normal speed
notarget enemies ignore you
buddha you will never die
noclip flight mode

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