Portal 2 List of Trophies [PS3]

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Portal 2 List of Trophies [PS3]


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Portal 2

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Wake up in the morning
Survive manual opening
You're a monster
Reunite with GLaDOS
Don't be discouraged
Finish the first test with the Discouraging Heat Ray
A bridge over stormy waters
Finish the first test with the Bridge of Light
Escape the test chambers with Wheatley
Crazy stall
Push the button!
Potato holder
Keep the science going
Vertical domain
Master the use of repellent gel
Fatal friction
Master the use of propulsive gel
White nightmare
Finish the first conversion gel test
The energy of the energy tunnel
Master the use of the energy tunnel
Double experimental abyss
Repeat the same test twice
This is where it will kill you
It's just that part
King of the well
Show that well who's in charge
Conservation of mass
Violates test chamber rules 07
Use a spring-loaded platform to launch a turret
Final transmission
Find the hidden signal in one of the human guinea pig shelters
Good listener
Listen to GLaDOS 'tip on escape
Solitary scan
Put on a bad turret detector
No grudge
Save a turret from redemption
Schrodinger's impact
Refresh a blue painted box before it hits the ground
The missing vessel
Find out the missing experiment
Do not open that door
Examine all the doors to the glazed test chambers
Ritratto di signora
Find a hidden portrait
Show what you're worth
Refuse to solve the first test of chapter 8
Give me five
Celebrate your success in cooperative calibration
Team play
Clear all test rooms on the Team Play Co-Op Course
More confidence in your means
Finish all the test chambers of the Mass and Speed ​​co-op course
Bridge architect
Finish all the test chambers on the Bridges of Solid Light co-op path
Obstacle course
Clear all test chambers on the Energy Tunnel co-op path
Hands of steel
Don't miss any cubes in room 6 of the Mass and Speed ​​co-op path
Perform all 8 gestures of your own free will in co-op mode
Dance in front of a turret blocked by a bridge of light in co-op mode
A nice gesture
Remove the bridge under the coop partner to drop him in the slime while gesturing
Find the pet cube hidden in the coop test chamber
Air show
Perform 2 gestures in the air before hitting the ground in co-op mode
Better to save
Finsici room 3 of the coop path Bridges of Solid Light by placing only 5 portals in total
Quadruple juggler
Enter 4 different portal without touching the ground in co-op mode
Triple crown
Solve 3 co-op cameras of the Mass and Speed ​​path in under 60 seconds each
Yes, I will live again
Finish Route 4 without dying and without killing the co-op partner
You look for trouble
Challenge GLaDOS in front of a camera in each of the 5 coop courses
Enough TV!
Destroy 11 test chamber monitors
Scissor portal stone
Win 3 consecutive Chinese morra co-op matches
Put a cube on a button without touching the cube
Finish test chamber 10 in 70 seconds
Narbacular Drop
Put a portal under your co-op partner as he gestures
Special friends list
In co-op mode, hug 3 different people from your friends list
Savior of science
Clear all test chambers on all co-op paths
Professor Portal
Finish co-op mode and then the Calibration Path with a friend who has never played
What just happened
Portal 2 Platinum Trophy
Collect all other Portal 2 trophies



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