Pokemon GO: where they are and what are Pokestops used for

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Pokemon GO: where they are and what are Pokestops used for


In this guide we see better how Pokestops work in Pokemon GO.

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In Pokemon GO the Pokestops are points of interest that can be easily reached using the game map. Searching the area you are in, at a certain point you will notice some blue icons on the map that represent the PokeStops. These are often places of interest in your city such as a monument, an important square, a church, etc.

Tap on the icon to see where exactly you need to go. If you get close enough you will notice a change in the icon that will become a large disk with a photo of the place inside. Spin it to immediately get bubbles that contain Pokeballs, candy or other extras as a reward (be ready to tap on the bubbles to add the rewards to your inventory).

If you are below level 5 you will only get Pokeballs or Eggs as a reward, while if you have passed level 5 then you will have the opportunity to also get different types of potions and many more Pokeballs including large and ultra ones.

After you have redeemed your rewards, the color of the icon will turn purple to indicate that you have already visited that Pokestop.

In this regard, one important thing to know is that waiting about 10-15 minutes you can interact with the Pokestop again, in fact there seems to be no limit to the number of times you can visit a PokeStop.

It is therefore clear that every time you find a Pokestop it is worth stopping for a moment to collect the precious bonuses it hides.

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