Pokemon GO: how to use the Pokemon Companion

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Pokemon GO: how to use the Pokemon Companion


In this guide we see how to equip the Companion Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

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With the latest Pokemon GO update a new particular feature of the game has been introduced that allows you to add a Pokemon that will travel together with the player with the ability to earn new candies. This will be your Pokemon Companion, let's see how to use it.

After downloading and installing the latest update, click on the portrait of your character and then click on the menu icon (the one with the three lines), inside you will discover a new button, the one related to the Pokemon Companion.

Clicking on this icon will open the list of your Pokemon, from here you can then choose which one to have as a companion. Once you have selected one, when you walk back you will also take your Companion Pokemon with you, which will then start a earn new candy and maybe even more valuable rewards.

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