Pokemon GO: how to start playing with Pikachu

Pokemon GO: how to start playing with Pikachu


In this guide we see how to select Pikachy as a Starter in Pokemon GO.

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At the beginning of Pokémon Go we can choose our starting Pokémon among the three historical starters of the series: Charmander, Bulbasaur e Squirtle.

After the introduction the professor will make them appear around you that you simply have to choose which one to capture, that will be your Starter.

But you must know that it is possible circumvent the proposal made by the game and start playing with the mythical Pikachu.

To do this, when the three starters suggested by the game appear on the screen, instead of choosing one, simply move away until they disappear.

You will have to repeat this step four times (the three pokémon will continue to recur) until, the fifth time, you will see them appear accompanied by a nice yellow Pikachu.

At this point you can choose the pokémon number 25 (Pikachu, in fact) and start the game with him.

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