Pokemon Go: guide to find and use the best Aromas

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Pokemon Go: guide to find and use the best Aromas


In this guide we see how they are used and where they are found in Pokemon GO.

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Aromas are a valid tool in the arsenal of every Pokemon GO trainer, they increase the amount of Pokémon to be caught that appear in the area, but to make the most of this tool it is not enough just to use it as everyone would.

Although some players use Flavors in order to keep catching Pokemon while sitting at work or indoors, we can say that this is not the best way to use them.

Choose carefully where to use it

No matter where you use the Aroma, it will manage to attract Pokemon close to the trainer. However, the Pokemon that appear will be chosen from the list of Pokemon that are currently in the area. If you're looking for specific Pokemon to complement your Pokédex or to evolve a Pokémon you already own, using flavorings won't help if the Pokémon you want isn't in the area you're in. Next, use the Pokemon traker (lower right corner of the main map screen) to see which Pokemon are in your area, then you should take a look at the map with the location of all Pokemon in Pokemon GO [Pokevision].


Pokemon GO was designed for players who move on foot, and that goes for Aromas as well. If desired, you can use an incense without walking around and benefit anyway, but the appearance of new Pokemon will be much more frequent if you walk with the active Aromas.

Players who walk with an Active Aroma will be rewarded with one Pokémon for every minute spent on foot, or one for every 200 meters traveled. Doing a quick calculation, this means that good walkers can find up to 30 Pokemon with just one incense !!!

Where to find the Aromas

Each player at the beginning of Pokemon GO is provided with two Flavors. In addition, as highlighted in the guide to what to unlock level up in Pokemon GO, you will get an Aroma when you reach levels 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20. If these obtained as a reward you have already used them all, the only source for restocking remains in-store purchase.

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