Pokemon GO: guide to earn XP and level up fast

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Pokemon GO: guide to earn XP and level up fast


In this guide we see the best ways to gain experience and level up fast in Pokemon GO.

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Like many other games, Pokemon GO is also based on a leveling system that provides for the accumulation of experience points (known as XP or XP) to level up and gain access to new features of the game as well as various rewards (find all the details about it in this guide: Pokemon GO: what you unlock by leveling up [Unlockable Guide].

Obviously, many are wondering if there is a way to earn a lot of XP and thus level up quickly. To answer this question we propose a list with all the available ways to earn experience points, along with some practical tips and tricks to use them to the fullest without wasting time.

  • Complete training of a Pokemon - 50 XP
  • Catch an already owned Pokemon - 100 XP
  • Catch a new Pokemon - 500 XP - As you can see, the capture of new Pokemon yields many more XP than the capture of already owned Pokemon and, together with the evolution, it is the best method to earn many experience points. For more help, follow the guide to catching new Pokemon in Pokemon GO.
  • Defeat a Pokemon - 100 XP - Trying to conquer gyms controlled by other factions you will have to fight with other Pokemon. For more details, follow the guide to attack and conquer new gyms in Pokemon GO.
  • Hatch an egg - 200 XP - Here's an easy way to get new Pokemon and earn XP. Follow the guide to make the most of Eggs in Pokemon GO.
  • Evolve a new Pokemon - 500 XP - For more help, follow the quick guide to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon GO
  • Perform an excellent cast - 75 XP
  • Perform a Big Throw - 50 XP
  • Get a good cast - 10 XP

A great strategy for earning a lot of experience points is to use the Esche and Fortunuovo. The lures are used to attract Pokemon towards you while the Fortunuovo doubles the XP earned for 30 minutes. It goes without saying that using these two consumables together you will be able not only to catch more Pokemon but also to make a nice load of experience points in a short time.

Baits and Fortunuovo can be bought from the shop for real money, but I recommend you also read these articles to find out how to get them without paying a cent and how to use them:

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