Pokémon GO: guide to accumulate Pokeballs without paying anything

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Pokémon GO: guide to accumulate Pokeballs without paying anything


In this guide we see the best ways to accumulate Pokeballs without spending money.

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We know well that in Pokemon Go Pokeballs can be purchased using real money, but there are obviously ways to get them without spending anything.

Pokeballs are one of the most important elements of the game, these are in fact used to fight and capture Pokemon. At the beginning of the game, you get an endowment of 50 Pokeballs, but this set will run out in no time if you dedicate yourself to the activity of catching new Pokemon.

Earn Pokeballs by leveling up

One of the ways available to get Pokeballs is to constantly level up your trainer. There are a number of leveling techniques in the game which include catching more Pokemon, evolving them, and more. For more help, follow the guide to earn XP and level up quickly in Pokemon GO.

Each time you level up in the game, new Pokeballs will be unlocked as a reward! If you want you can also consult this article that lists what are the rewards obtained at each level increase: Pokemon GO: what is unlocked by leveling up [Unlockable Guide].

Earn Pokeballs by visiting Pokestops

This is probably the best way to unlock new Pokeballs in Pokemon GO. As you walk around the map, you will notice blue icons representing the PokeStops. Approaching you will notice the change of these icons with which you can then interact. Tapping these blue icons will bring up a real image of your current location called Photo Disc. Spin it to get Pokeballs, candy or other gadgets right away.

An important thing to note is that you will get a limited amount of Pokeballs during a trip to a PokeStop, but by waiting around 10-15 minutes you can get more. Currently this is the only legitimate way to accumulate Pokeballs without risking the ban, as there is no limit to the number of times you can visit a PokeStop. So just keep visiting the Pokestop over and over to accumulate Pokeballs in no time!

Retrieve the Pokeballs

We have not checked it, but according to what several users report it seems possible to recover the Pokeballs launched and not hit by quickly tapping on them before they disappear. Let us know if this technique works for you too !!!

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