PlayStation: several third-party titles that are still “unknown” on the way?

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In the past few hours, some rumors have emerged that would see the debut of several third-party titles, including Ubisoft, WB Games e Bethesda, coming up PlayStation 4. The lists, coming directly from the French division of Amazon, would not reveal the titles of the games but only the publisher, thus allowing us to hypothesize which projects are ready to debut on the current Sony console. The list features the following names, with their respective announcements:

  • Bethesda - 2 ads
  • Warner Bros - 1 ad
  • Ubisoft - 2 ads
  • 2K - 1 ad

But that's not all, since in addition to these, they were also present in the list three titles coming to Nintendo Switch, respectively of Ubisoft, Warner Bros e Capcom. The project linked to the Warner Bros brand could presumably be the new one Batman from WB Montreal, while as far as titles associated with Ubisoft are concerned, these could probably refer to Rainbow Six Quarantine e Gods & Monsters.

The titles of Bethesda, which in addition to Starfield, recently evaluated by the USK, could fit into the current PlayStation 4 line up Deathloop by Arkane Studios o Ghostwire: Tokyo by Tango Gameworks. IS 2K? We know that the US giant has several projects in the pipeline, so the possible announcement could range from the highly anticipated GTA 6, to the new BioShock or version Game of the Year di Borderlands 3.

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