PlayStation 5: shares down after Mark Cerny's presentation

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Yesterday, March 18, 2020, Mark Cerny held in the name of the colossus Sony the conference regarding its new and highly anticipated flagship console: PlayStation 5. However, due to some miscommunication and various information turned out to be anything but flattering, especially when compared with that relating to the Xbox Series X, Sony's stock market began to take heavy losses. Many fans who followed the show, which lasted a good 52 minutes, were not fully satisfied, and the result is anything but ambiguous.

The extremely technical conference led to a decline in Sony's shares 10% and beyond, as you can consult at the following link. Hitting $ 58 each two hours into the conference, the leak that preceded the conference began to drop stocks dramatically, taking them to just over $ 52 in a matter of hours. Fortunately, on the same day yesterday, the shares began to recover organically and are therefore on the home stretch to return to their general average price.

Pending further information on PlayStation 5, we would like to refer you to our article containing all the information declared in the aforementioned conference.

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