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If you are into browser games, these are some of the best free online games that you can enjoy with the vast majority of modern browsers. You can enjoy online games for children, free online war games or free online soccer games, try these online PC games now using only your browser.

With the passage of time and the progress of new technologies, there are more and more fans of online games, as they offer the advantage of being able to use them without the need for downloads and installations, not as happens with PC and console games.

Gone are solo games, so multiplayer games are in demand today. Of course, we can enjoy this type of games from PC, console or simply from the browser, without the need for additional downloads.

What are free online games?

Video games or free online games are those that we can run from the web browser itself, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. A type of video game that does not require installation, as they run directly in the browser using your computer, although, they may require some add-ons or plug-ins.

That said, it goes without saying that one of the main advantages of online games or free online PC games is that they are cross-platform, as they can be run from any web browser regardless of whether we are in a Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. .

Furthermore, they are much more accessible video games than PC games themselves, as the requirements regarding graphics or hardware for this type of game are minimal. A good browser and a good internet connection are more than enough to have a great experience.

Free online games, the best


Although a game that became very popular a few years ago, also leading to a lag in game servers, is still one of the free online browser games that many people continue to devote their time to. The game consists in making our character, a simple circle or ball, bigger and bigger.

To do this, simply absorb other smaller balls by simply moving. Gradually we will take on a larger volume and we will be able to absorb larger balls as long as the rest of the players allow it, as they have the same goal. plays.

2.Tomb Raider

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular video game sagas on any platform available, moreover, thanks to the Open Lara project, it is possible to play Tomb Raider with a browser game for free.

Although the graphics have nothing to do with the original version for other platforms, the truth is that the gameplay is very good and does not require high-level hardware in our device to be able to play it. In this way, we can enjoy Tomb Raider from the browser of almost any PC, mobile device or tablet without any problem. Play Tomb Raider online for free.

3. Games of Thrones winter is coming

A browser game that can certainly excite a lot of people is Games of Thrones Winter is coming. Without a doubt, Game of Thrones was the quintessential series and millions of people have followed it since the first season. Therefore, those fans of the series who are lovers of video games will surely be thrilled with this game. Play Games of Thrones Winter is coming.

4. is a popular multiplayer game in which we are a hole moving through a city full of objects that we have to absorb. A similar dynamic to, so the hole will get bigger and bigger as you ingest the objects.

Obviously, as we increase in size, we must avoid being absorbed by other holes larger than us, ultimately by other players. plays.

5. Sonic

Sonic The Hedgehog is a series of free play online games published and created by Sega and Sonic Team that have been and are popular in all corners of the world. A video game that we can also find in the form of a browser video game, so you can enjoy all the adventures of Sonic from any browser and device.

Along with Mario Bross, Sonic has been one of the best-selling free online Spanish games in the world for years. You can play Sonic from this same link.

6. Classic Maincraft

This popular Sandbox-type construction game is another one of the most played titles in recent years on different platforms. However, the Classic version is also available as a browser game at the following link, play Classic Maincraft.

There is little to say about Maincraft which by default is first person, although you can change the game mode to third person, and which focuses on placing and destroying three dimensional blocks that represent different elements of nature.

7. Pac-man

Another classic is the famous Pac-Man or also known as Come Cocos. A game that more and less will have played for many hours, whether it was from the computer, from the old machines or even in the arcade machines and that you can also enjoy from your mobile or computer through your browser. Play Pac-Man.

8. Cube Slam

The Cube Slam is the Pong of a lifetime remastered with the aim of giving it a look similar to the classic air or hockey tables in arcades or arcades. Cube Slam allows us to play against another user or against the game itself represented by a bear character. Play Cube Slam.

9. Dragon Awaken

It is a multiplayer adventure that mixes the turn-based RPG experience with a series of worlds in which we will have to face incredible dragons and in which we must discover new skills and gradually obtain better weapons to overcome the challenges every time more difficult with which we will find. . To enjoy Dragon Awake you need to create an account and activate flash in your browser. Play Dragon Awaken.

10. Infinite Mario Bros

While it's not the Super Mario that many enjoy from their Nintendo Switch or other platforms, the truth is that this Infinite Mario Bross version will allow us to kill those downtime in front of the computer or mobile phone.

It is a game developed in Html5 and hosted in the Github repository, so it is an independent creation, but it does not lack all the elements of the classic Mario Bross. Play Infinite Mario Bross.

11. Forge of Empires

From the name alone, it will remind many of the famous strategy game Ages of Empires. In this case, Forge of Empires is a browser strategy game developed by InnoGames that is divided into ages starting with the Stone Age and going through the Iron Age, the Middle Ages, colonial, industrial, etc ... until reaching age from the future. If you still don't know, you can play Forge of Empires from your browser at this link.

12. Corss Code

It is another browser game that we can play for free, although it also has a downloadable version. This is a classic RPG in the purest Japanese style. A game that was so popular that it even made it to the popular Steam video game platform but which you can play from the following link in your browser. Play Corss Code.

13. Transformice

A game in which you will be a mouse eager to get cheese. Obviously we will have to fight for that precious treasure with the rest of the players, so we will have to be faster than the others to get the cheese so that our mouse can feed.

We will have to jump across the platforms and jump all kinds of obstacles to collect the cheese and take it safely to our home. Play Transformice. An important detail is that we will need to have Flash enabled in our browser to be able to play.

14. Freeciv

Another strategy game that we can enjoy from any browser is Freeciv. A title that for many is an alternative to the famous Civilization saga that we can play in 2D (HTML5) or 3D (WEBGL) view and which offers the possibility to play in both single player and multi player modes. Play Freeciv.

15. Vikings Village: Party Hard

Free yourself by killing Vikings with Vikings Village: Party Hard, a game where the more Vikings we kill, the higher the score and the better the ranking. We will have to discover and unlock all kinds of skills during the game without forgetting that setting fire to all the objects we collect will allow us to move faster. A game where drinking beer will give us more health and life to keep fighting. Play Vikings Village: Party Hard.

16. ElmetRoyale

HelmetRoyale is another browser game that has its own site to enjoy one or more free online games for children. Although its very name already gives us clues, it is a Battle Royale with a somewhat special design that may surprise us at first but that will surely end up captivating us. Play HelmetRoyale.

17. Sparta: War of Empires

Another browser strategy game that we can play without services and for free is Sparta: War of Empires. A strategy game whose mechanics are similar to the famous Age of Empires and which is set in the wars of ancient Greece. In short, a strategy game that you can play from your PC or mobile browser wherever you are. Play Sparta: War of Empires.

18. Foes

A very fun game that we can play from the browser without installing anything is Foes. All players start out in the same conditions, without weapons, and will need to equip themselves with the best they can to defend themselves from their enemies as the playing arena gets smaller and smaller. Play Foes.

19. Little Ware Game

Little Ware Game is a small war game with a cool pixelated style that may remind many of the gameplay offered by the first Warcraft. A game with a very simple design but which will not make it impossible for lovers of real-time strategy games to have fun. Play Little Ware Game.

20. Blast Arena

In Blas Arena we immerse ourselves in a maze where we will have to face three other players to be the only survivor. Using bombs allows you to destroy part of the maze, which will produce power-ups and increase the level of the game. Play Blast Arena from your browser.

21. Squadd Royale

A fun Battle Royale-type browser game that has already won over many users for its great fun and which, in addition to being available online, has its own version for Android devices. Squadd Royale is a graphical block multiplayer battle game, Minecraft roll, in which only one player can be the winner. Play Squadd Royale.

22. Skyarena

A fighter aircraft game is part of the series of free online games in which you will be able to prove your skill by flying these types of airplanes. A very simple game to manage, since we can do it directly with the computer mouse and in which we will have to take down all our opponents to prevent them from killing us. Play Skyarena.

23. Isleward

It's another fun low-resolution browser game, so we can run it on any browser and device without any hassle. The first thing we have to do is choose our character and enter the city of Strathford, that's where we will learn to manage all the actions of the game, to subsequently face all kinds of monsters. Of course, we will be able to form a team with other players to face all the rests. Play Isleward.

24. Warscrap

A fun browser game that allows us to recover the essence of some more classic third-person shooters. Warscrap's goal is to fight against an invasion as we are unlocking new weapons to get stronger and get combat vehicles. Play Warscrap.

25. Tanki Online

It is a massively multiplayer online game based on Adobe's Flash technology and browser based. It is ranked among the most popular third-person shooters and we can enjoy the browser version just by clicking on the following link.

26. Prismata

Prismata is another browser game that we can enjoy from the following link and that offers a combination of modern free online digital card games and strategy games, although there are many who classify Prismata as a real-time strategy game. Take on the first challenges and advance to the level from the browser and without installations. Adoble Flash must be active in the browser to enjoy the game. Play Prismata.

27.Rune Escape

It is a browser video game or massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) marketed by Jagex that takes place in a fantasy world divided into different kingdoms, regions and cities. Players can travel through this world in different ways and in each region they will encounter all kinds of monsters, resources and adventures that they will have to challenge. Play Runescape.

28. Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a freemium online role-playing video game developed and published by Bigpoint that has become for many an alternative to Blizzard's Diablo saga. A title with which we will have to overcome thousands of missions of all kinds from our browser and without services, since like the rest of the titles in this compilation, it is an online browser game. Start playing Drakensang Online from this link.

29. TagPro

TagPro is a free online multiplayer browser game originally designed and programmed by Nick Riggs. A title to capture the team flag and with a very very simple design but that will surely entertain us at all times, since to start playing just follow this link.

30. Chrome Dinosaur

Google's browser plays a hidden game so we can spend dead hours jumping cactus in the desert with a dinosaur. A browser game that we have probably already played all over the world and that nevertheless, despite its simplicity, manages to hook us every time we use it. To access the game, all we need to do is type Chrome: // dino into our Chrome browser.

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