Plate guide by Cyrus Pinkney

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Batman Arkham Origins: License Plate Guide by Cyrus Pinkney


More collectibles to collect for Batman Arkham Origins. After having seen how and where to find all the Anarchy symbols, the Enigma Objects and the Compromising Files, let's go find the Pinkney plaques.

Plate guide by Cyrus Pinkney

Cyrus Pinkney is the architect responsible for the structures and buildings that shape gloomy Gotham City. Pinkney has left his signature on his main creations and if we want to collect all the collectibles in the game (and maybe even solve the case of his murder) we will have to find these plates too.

To see exactly where the 8 license plates are, follow the video guide below. Remember that you will have to scan the plates with Batman's Detective vision.

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