Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack, the review of the new expansion

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There are DLCs, sometimes whole games (but this is not the case) that are crystal clear from the title, that is, they are almost self-explanatory, so much so that any enthusiast already knows whether or not he will buy it or not even just reading the name. In recent years, Frontier Developments has created a large market niche thanks to management systems that allow a very high level of customization and that offer constantly new content, all of which are however extremely sincere in their exposure, that is, in marketing. Let's take the DLC for this one review: Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack.

Isn't it clear what it has to offer, even just reading its title?

The contents

Moose are very beautiful animals, even just to watch

Yes, Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack does exactly what it promises: it adds some north american animals, eight, to the already rich sample of the game. In total there is one animal for display and there are seven for habitat, to use the language of Planet Zoo. Obviously, specific objects have also been added to recreate the best environmental conditions to host them in your parks, as is right. that is. So, if you can't wait to manage and care for moose, pumas, California fur seals, American beavers, prairie dogs, North American alligators, arctic foxes and bullfrogs, you simply cannot fail to consider. this DLC.

Obviously, in terms of gameplay and game mechanics, nothing is changed and Planet Zoo remains the same even after installing the package. In general, the operations to be performed are always the same: study the animal to understand its needs and then create an enclosure full of things that can make it happy. The more comfortable the animals are, the more they will behave in a way that satisfies park visitors. Naturally, each animal is endowed with unique characteristics, such as the Arctic fox which, as the name suggests, wants a very cold environment to express itself at its best, while the moose, to give another example, prefer fresh and wooded environments. As always Frontier has reproduced the different animals in a perfect way, recreating their appearance, studying the animations and adding specifics when necessary not only for the movements, but also for the interactions with the environment.

The only other content added by Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack is one timed scenario, Jameson Park. Basically imagine having to manage a kind of miniature Yellowstone National Park, recovering it from the ruin, expanding it and making it fruitful for your pocket. Obviously the whole scenario is designed to let you take advantage of the animals and objects added with the DLC, in ways not unlike those seen with other packages and with the base game. It's definitely a great way to take advantage of your purchase right away and see all it has to offer. You will spend a few hours there, but it will be well spent.

Planet Zoo - Update 1.7

The launch of the Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack DLC matches that of thefree update 1.7, which affects all owners of the base game. Among the various features added, a couple of new mapping tools, which allow you to create custom heightmaps to alter the starting terrains. Also added pre-generated terrain types to use as a base, so you don't have to start with flat terrain anymore. Also added some animations for some animals, as well as a new way for visitors to interact with them. For all the news, read the announcement post on Steam.


Arctic foxes love intense cold

The substance of Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack is the one valid for any DLC of the genre: do you like these animals and their biomes? Then buy the package, because it is a 'valuable addition for your zoo that will give you the right satisfaction. If they don't tell you much, forget it and look elsewhere. By now the packages available for Planet Zoo are many and surely you will find something that is right for you among the others available, if you are among those who still do not disdain to play it. If you are looking for revolutions, however, look elsewhere.


Tested version PC Windows Digital Delivery Steam Price 9,99 €

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