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If you have been dreaming for years of being able to return to manage your amusement park, the review of Planet Coaster: Console Edition it is just what is right for you. The title of Frontier Developments is not actually something completely new, on the contrary: we proposed its review for PC in the now distant 2016. Four years later, however, improvement after improvement, it was decided to think of a big debut style even on current generation consoles. We had the chance to try Planet Coaster: Console Edition on PlayStation 4, to date the best (spiritual and material) heir of the famous RollerCoaster Tycoon.

Gameplay: how to play

Let's start with the most important question, which every review should never ignore: how to play to Planet Coaster: Console Edition? The genre of belonging is that of management simulation: you will take care of the creation of your amusement park (from scratch, or from a project already started) and you will try to continuously improve it to make ends meet and entertain the public, objectives to keep in mind constantly and always at the same time.

Il gameplay of Planet Coaster: Console Edition thus puts at the player's disposal a frankly impressive editor, with a very large number of objects ready to be placed wherever you want. The possibilities are almost endless, just follow the thread of your imagination: you can build your amusement park in any geographical environment (in the mountains, in the tropics, near a river, in the city), modify the elements present at will, constantly enrich it with new attractions and shops, designing every single roller coaster from scratch (the developers have particularly focused on the latter).

He creations available were not enough for you (but it is practically impossible) you will still be able to access new sources of inspiration and that is to say the most brilliant ideas of other dated players, duly shared on the net; and you yourselves can show yours to the world too. Once again (and this is normal, in 2020) the watchword is sharing.

Game mode

The console version of Planet Coaster brings with it all game mode already seen on PC at the time, with no unreleased content whatsoever: not that it's a bad thing of course, since the launch version was already more than complete. The least interesting offer of all is certainly the career mode: here the game will "throw" you into amusement parks that have already started, asking you to reach certain objectives within a certain period of time. It can be a particularly large sum of money, a degree of customer satisfaction, and so on; generally the level of challenge is not overwhelming, however.

Much more interesting, however, the sandbox mode, through which the player can choose his preferred geographic environment (within about ten pre-established options) and start his career as an amusement park manager from scratch. There will be no kind of haste, nor will there be any particular objectives to be respected: you will simply follow your imagination, taking advantage of all the possibilities of the Planet Coaster: Console Edition editor. You can therefore dedicate yourself to a very small amusement park but with attention to every single detail, as well as to much more complex and vast experiences.

Il game menu main allows, finally, to check the challenges proposed by the developers of Planet Coaster: Console Edition: completing them all will take you a good amount of time. Consider that the title could potentially last literally years, depending on your passion for management of this type.

PlayStation 4 Trophies

Planet Coaster: Console Edition brings a good list of trophies to PlayStation 4, including the Platinum Trophy. Getting them all won't be particularly difficult, but it will take a long time; you will also have to dedicate yourself to all the game modes present, on all the Career.


Planet Coaster: Console Edition arrives on PlayStation 4 with a great conversion, without giving up any of the contents present in recent years on the PC. From a graphic and technical point of view, the production is more than satisfactory, and manages to manage numerous elements on the screen without heavy slowdowns; moreover, it is possible to change perspective, passing from a bird's eye view to what is in all respects a first person to explore the park, without any loading. If desired, it is even possible to board the roller coasters, to enjoy the same experience as visitors.

Also noteworthy is the adaptation system of the command map: For obvious reasons the experience is not the same if you have a keyboard instead of a controller. However, beyond the first few hours needed to become familiar with the DualShock 4 mapping, the use of Planet Coaster: Console Edition is not compromised at all by the new input system. Simple matter of habit.


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Planet Coaster: Console Edition is the best amusement park management software currently in circulation: until now, however, it was only available on PC, now you can also buy it on consoles. It is an essential purchase for fans of the now "old" RollerCoaster Tycoon, but it will also give great satisfaction to newcomers: the editor is very rich, the game modes present basic but efficient, the possibilities of customization and modification practically infinite, and they cover virtually every visual (and gameplay-related) aspect of production. You will design your amusement park from scratch, you will see it grow, you will enrich it with new possibilities, you will find new ways to attract visitors, you will also manage the staff at work. It is not an experience that can be of interest to all players; but all those interested (ie the admirers of the genre) will find it simply essential.


  • Great conversion
  • Endless possibilities
  • The best of its kind
  • New content wouldn't hurt
  • As well as some changes to the career mode
  • It can last for hundreds of hours, like getting tired after half an hour
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