PES 2016: guide / tutorial to ALL dribbles and feints [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

PES 2016: guide / tutorial to ALL dribbles and feints [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Also this year Pro Evoluton has anticipated by a few days the bitter rival of the EA house, trying to improve even more a little on all aspects.

Today we begin to see all feints and dribbles that can be performed in PES 2016, with the relative keys to press on Xbox One / 360 and Playstation 4 / PS3.

Before starting, we must keep in mind a very important aspect: several feints can be performed ONLY if the player you are trying to make them with has particular skills, like the skill "Rabona", "Flip Flap" and others. In the following video you can see all the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 skill, feint and dribble moves with indicated the commands and any skills required to perform them.

You can use these commands to perform these dribbles only if the "Automatic Fake" option is DISABLED.

The feints featured in the video above are:

Step Over - Minuto 00:27
Reverse Step Over - 00:33
Multiple Step Over (skill 01 required) - Minute 00:40
Body feint - 00:44
Fake Shot - 00:49
Cut Behind (skill required 05) - Minute 00:55
Scissor Feint (skill required 01) - Minute 1:02
Roulette - Minute 1:05
Spin - Minuto 1:11
Double tap - 1:19 minute
Double internal tap - 1:31 minutes
Draw and open - minuto 1:45
Draw and close - minuto 1:50
Inside bounce (skill 06 required) - minute 2:01
Drag Back Dummy - minuto 2:05
Heel flick (skill required 06) - minute 2:10
Raise the ball - minute 2:15
Flip Flap - minuto 2:25
Reverse flip flap - minuto 2:32
Ronaldo Chop - minuto 2:38
Scoop turn - minuto 2:45
Rainbow - minute 2:50
Elastic (skill 02 required) - minute 2:58
Hocus Pocus - minuto 3:10
Mcgeady spin (skill required 03) - minute 3:17
Flick Up - minuto 3:23
Dribbling - minute 3:32
Hat - minute 3:40
Sombrero heel flick (skill required 04) - minute 3:46
Bergcamp flick (skill required 04) - minute 3:50
Rabona (skill 07 required) - minute 3:53
Run around - minuto 3:56
Foot feint - minute 4:04
Fake shot from standstill - minute 4:12
Remove the ball to shoot - minute 4:16
Let the ball slide between your legs - minute 4:24
Dive (simulates a foul) - 4:30 minutes

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