PES 2016: Free Kick Scoring Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

PES 2016: Free Kick Scoring Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


In this new guide dedicated to Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 we see how to score from set pieces.

That of scoring with free-kicks is a bit of the fix that each of us never manages to unstuck. In PES 2016, the controls on free kicks have only changed slightly, so let's see how to score on a free kick.

The fundamental factors influencing free kicks are still the same: choose the best player, aim correctly, press the keys with the right timing and dose the power.

The video tutorial you can see above shows all the different types of free kicks that you can throw and (with the right practice) score in PES 2016. Here they are summarized below:

- normal free kick
- Powerful low-kick free kick
- free kick to effect (to return)
- free kick to effect (to go out)
- two free kick
- second free kick

Watching the video pay attention to the crucial factors shown in the tutorial: the trajectory highlighted in real time in the game with the dotted line, the power bar and the keys to press.

As for i players to use to take free kicks, in PES 2016 every player has a statistic dedicated to free kicks, obviously you have to choose the ones with the highest value. In addition to this, one must also pay attention to the favorite foot of the player (always indicated in the statistics): if a player has the right foot as his favorite foot, avoid making him throw set pieces with his left foot!

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