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    PES 2013 - How to throw powerful spin shots and power kicks

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    PES 2013 - How to throw powerful spin shots and power kicks


    In this new guide on PES 2013 we will see how to score from long range with spin and power shots. The videos I'm about to show you will leave you speechless: these guys manage to score from sidereal distances, but far away, not bau bau kitty kitty in short.

    Obviously, given that Pro Evolution Soccer is certainly not an arcade game that allows you to score 2 goals per game from midfield, to do so you will need to refine your technique and especially your timing.


    Method 1 (spin)

    In the first video we see how to perform very powerful shots, both from a standing free kick and from an action, with the ball that, towards the end of the trajectory, deflects to effect, displacing the goalkeeper. Older children will remember the famous "shot with the 3 fingers of Roberto Carlos" (watch it in this video), well, let's say this kind of football on PES 2013 is very similar to that.

    Performing it is not very difficult: press the shot button to kick and then press it again when the player is about to kick the ball. The timing has to be perfect, so pay close attention in the video to see the exact moment when you have to press the shot button again.


    Method 2 (power shot)

    In this other video, the goals are even more spectacular, with truly impressive broadsides that end in goals.

    In the first part of the video the difference between "with gauge on screen" e "when the player is about to strike the ball (as the player is about to strike the ball)". Understanding this difference is essential because only in this way can you have the right timing and be able to score goals with the power shot. Therefore read this explanation thoroughly and then find it in the video, when you have learned your friends will be truly doomed.

    - when the player is about to kick the ball: it is when the supporting foot is close to the ball, while the other foot is pulled completely backwards behind the shoulder, at the beginning of the run that will lead him to impact the ball;
    - with the bar on the screen: refers to the colored bar that indicates the power of the shot. This moment goes from the moment you press the shot button to the moment before the "when the player is about to kick the ball".

    They are fractions of a second and you will have to master them to see the results, otherwise you will only be able to see similar golloni on video.

    To perform these cannon shots you will need to: press the shot button and then "when the player is about to kick the ball" to press RB su Xbox 360 / R1 su PS3. As repeated several times, timing is everything, in fact if RB or R1 you press it before you should, that is "with the bar on the screen" you will get the low lob, which is absolutely useless from long range but is effective in 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper.

    Now watch this video that I sweated the 7 shirts to explain this manfrina, when you score your first Super Mundial Gol remember your Fragger and Resources4gaming

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