PES 2013 - Guide and Tutorial to manual shooting and precision shooting

PES 2013 - Guide and Tutorial to manual shooting and precision shooting


After dealing with free kicks and effect shots (guides that you find together with this in the game's tricks card) today we see how to achieve beautiful goals with the Manual Shot and the Precision Shot.


How to perform manual shots

To shoot manually in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 all you have to do is hold down the button L2 su PS3 / LT su Xbox 360 and then direct the shot by moving the left analog stick (an arrow will appear in front of the player indicating the direction of the shot), then press the shot button to kick. Everything is explained very well also in this video:


How to make precision shots

This is the highlight of the day. If you are not very young and have watched a football match a few times, you will certainly remember i "shots to Del Piero". The now "ex" Juventino of these goals in the heydays made them to bizeffe so much so that they had become his trademark: he put himself on the outside corner of the penalty area, kicked inside and the ball after a parable to return that I would define "diabolic" ended up just under the intersection of the poles. Anyone who plays FIFA will surely know the precision shot that on the EA game is performed with the L1 key (or RB on 360). Well, from today we can also do it on PES !!!

To perform the precision shot just keep the button pressed L1 su PS3 / LB su Xbox 360 while pressing the shot button. Success is obviously not always guaranteed, but your odds will increase based on the position you kick from and the long-range ability of the kicking player.

Here is a video showing how to do it together with some fantastic goals

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