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PES 2013 - How to take free kicks


Playing at Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, as indeed in all the chapters of the series, a pull punishments we are all capable a little: aim at the intersection of the poles, charge the power as required, and go !!! Yes, away in the true sense of the word, with the ball coming into the curve or, as my uncle from Bari says, "a mocca u purtiè".

PES 2013 Free Kicks Guide

I propose you a nice video that I am sure will prove to be very useful for those who still cannot score on set pieces. The tutorial is done very very well: in the following videos, in addition to the commands to press, it is also shown how much you need to load the shot bar based on the distance from the goal and where you need to aim based on the position from which you shoot.

Follow the procedure step by step, and with a little practice you too will be able to give the right effect and perform some nice free kicks to turn.


Tutorial 1: short distance kicks (20 - 25 meters)

1) aim for a spot on the goal
2) load the power with the shot button
3) Press the analog stick down / diagonal left or right
4) then press the passage key ( on PS3 - on Xbox 360) until football ends

Here is the video tutorial for short-range free kicks:

Tutorial 2: medium / long distance kicks (26 - 30 meters and beyond)

1) aim for a spot on the goal
2) charge the power with the shot button (increase the power if the distance increases)
3) press the analog stick to the right or left according to the effect you want to impart to the ball

Here is the video tutorial for kicking free kicks from medium / long distance:


Tutorial 3 (alternative)

As an alternative to these two (which I personally prefer) I propose a third video tutorial. The method is the same, the difference is that here it is recommended to first press the analog stick at the bottom and then press the trigger button to set the power. In filming it is evident that both work, so experiment and adjust based on the results. In this third tutorial it is also shown how to take low free kicks.

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