Payday 2 - Video Complete Solution [360-PS3-PC]

Payday 2 - Video Complete Solution [360-PS3-PC]


Bank robberies have always had a perverse appeal. The string of films dedicated to this theme (Point Break, Heat: The Challenge, The Town, the opening sequence of The Dark Knight) places great emphasis on the most interesting aspect, namely the precision and awareness with which the members of the team move in an effort to limit risk and maximize profit.

This is also the story of Payday 2, a title developed by Overkill Software that puts us in the shoes of a team of hardened robbers looking for the blow of their life. If you are stuck in one of the game's missions, here are a couple of video solutions.

In this video complete solution of Payday 2 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC it is possible to see all the gaming action through videos. Below you can see the first 3 parts of the Video solution, while clicking on the link at the bottom of the article you can access the complete playlist of the solution.


Please note: the solution is based on the English version of the game. Beware of SPOILERS !!!




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Payday 2 solution continues here

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