Payday 2 - Trophy List [PS3]

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Payday 2 - Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the list of PAYDAY 3 Playstation 2 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



  Boiling atmosphere
On Day 1 of the Watch Dogs job, prevent the cops from shooting the escape vehicle.
  Intelligence with the gills
On day 2 of the Watch Dogs work, throw a duffel bag overboard and hope it doesn't attract fish.
  Zero in chemistry
On day 1 of work The Spy, blow up the lab.
  Danger of explosion
On day 3 of work The Spy, go away carrying 7 bags without defusing any bombs.
  Good deal
On day 2 of the Interlocking Frame work, swap 9 paintings.
  Criminale felpato
Reach reputation level 25.
  Career criminal
Reach reputation level 75.
  I knew I was doing the wrong thing
On day 1 of the Big Oil job, go to the basement and open the cash dispensers.
  Diamonds are forever
In the Jewelery job, steal 4 duffel bags without the escape car starting the first time.
  Gold rush
In the Four Shops job, he finds a gold bar in a safe.
  I point it all!
In the Night club job, you put a duffel full of cash on the poker table.
  Shoot the windows!
In the Mall Action job, destroy all the windows in the mall.
On day 1 of the Pyromaniac job, steal all the weapons from the hangar.
  King of the hill
In Park Escape, prevent law enforcement officers from entering the park before the van arrives.
  Rain of bullets
In Escape from the Road, escape without taking out any enemy snipers.
  Secret place
Find the basement hidden in the secret lair.
  I heal, resist and do damage
Spend 10 skill points in each skill tree.
  Iron man
Wear the Upgraded Combination Tactical Vest.
  Round digit
Get $ 1.000.000 in spending money.
  Now there is no turning back
Finish your first job.
  Spend and earn
Spend $ 1.000.000 in total.
  Who starts well ...
Reach reputation level 5.
  Guilty of crimes
Reach reputation level 10.
  Armed and dangerous
Reach reputation level 50.
  Sought after
Reach reputation level 100.
  Nice load
Get to own 9 weapons.
  Arms collector
Get to own 18 weapons.
  Nobody cared who I was ...
Until I put on the mask.
  Masked criminal
Edit a mask for the first time.
  Armed to the teeth
Modify a weapon for the first time.
  Guaranteed for two years
Buy a weapon for the first time.
How am i doing?
Wear armor for the first time.
  First line
On day 3 of the Pyromaniac job, find the rare poster of the OVERKILL hockey team.
  Pirate of the Caribbean
On day 2 of work The Spy, he brings more bags of meth to the exchange, but he steals the money.
  Passionate about painting
On day 1 of the Snap Frame job, steal all sold paintings without being seen.
  Got it, got it!
Grab a duffel bag in mid-air.
  Fantastic doctor
On day 2 of the Big Oil job, complete the heist by locating the right engine on the first try.
  You will not pass!
In Escape From Viaduct, prevent the cops from setting foot on the bridge before your escape.
  A cappuccino with a lot of foam
In Escape the Club, grab all the loot and escape within 30 seconds of the van arriving.
  Guess riddle
On day 2 of the Pyromaniac job, complete the heist cautiously without tampering with the computer.
  But I wasn't even there!
On day 3 of the Interlocking Frame work, steal the gold with the zipline without the alarm going off.
  Let's do it...
In Work in Ukraine, complete the heist in no more than 35 seconds.
  They say I steal bags
In Escape from the garage, leave with 8 bags.
  Completamente OVERKILL
Complete everything. OVERKILL greets you!

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