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    "Paint inside the lines" trophy guide

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    InFamous Second Son - Guide to ALL Graffiti


    Mom, am I good at coloring?

    "Paint inside the lines" trophy guide

    To unlock this result in InFamous Second Son we will have to complete a total of 29 graffiti. Each time we will have to choose whether to orient the drawing to positive karma or negative karma, a choice that obviously will have its repercussions on the karma of our character. To unlock the trophy it will still be enough to complete all 29, regardless of the chosen karma.

    On the map the graffiti comes highlighted with a yellow spray can icon, go to the place, start the mission and use the pad to complete the drawing.

    I greet you by leaving you 3 videos: the first shows the position of the 29 graffiti and this will be enough for you to find them all and unlock the trophy. The second and third videos show the same thing, but in the first you will find the positive karma version of all graffiti, in the second the negative karma version.

    Important: follow the InFamous Second Son trophy guide to find out how to unlock all other trophies.

    All graffiti: location on the map

    Positive Karma version

    Negative Karma version

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