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Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag: Abstergo computer hack guide / solution


In this new guide dedicated to Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag (all the others can be found in the card AC4 tricks and guides) let's see how to hack all Abstergo computers.

Owned Machinery Guide

To unlock the "Possessed Machinery" Trophy / Achievement, it is necessary to hack 15 of the 33 computers in Abstergo Entertainment. You will try to hack the first one during a main story mission, in the same room you will find two others. The later ones will become available as you progress through the game and gain higher levels of access within Abstergo.

How to hack computers

To do this it is necessary to move the cursor on the sphere until it STOP on the line highlighted in green in order to make it then move following the path of the same. In fact, there is no precise solution to every computer puzzle but, as you will see in the videos below, the best strategy is to keep trying until you hit the right path.

In the following videos, however, it is shown how to solve the mini-game of all computers, if you have difficulty and just can't do it, you can follow the movements shown in the video step by step to solve the puzzle. Good luck

Abstergo Computer Solution Part 1

Abstergo Computer Solution Part 2

Abstergo Computer Solution Part 3

Abstergo Computer Solution Part 4

Abstergo Computer Solution Part 5

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