Overwatch: what do characters say in foreign languages? [PS4-Xbox One-PC]

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Overwatch: what do characters say in foreign languages? [PS4-Xbox One-PC]


In this guide we see the translation of some sentences of the characters of Overwach, pronounced in different foreign languages. Let's see what they are and what they mean.

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While playing Overwatch you will surely have noticed that for some characters, text strings in the character's original language have been included. But what do they say?

Here is the answer to satiate your curiosity (the translations are in English, which of course you know ...):

D.VA (Korean)

    "Game start" (geim si-jag!): Game start!
    "If you play a game, you have to win" (geim-eul hamyeon igyeoyaji): I play to win
    "Emergency escape" (bisang talchul): Emergency escape
    "Annoying" (jja jeung na): That's annoying
    "Hi!" (annyeong): Hello
    "Ha! This is a scam!" (igeon sagiya): Ha! That was OP!
    "Let's do it again!" (dashi hanbeon haebojago): Let's try that one more time
    "It works perfectly again!" (dashi wanbyeokhage jakdonghanda!): Operating perfectly again!
    "앞아!" (apa!): It hurts!

Genji (Japanese)

    "Start!": (Hajime!): Start!
    "Even if I sacrifice my body, I will never sacrifice my honor (an ancient quote by famous swordsman Musashi Miyamoto)
    "My soul seeks equilibrium" (waga tamashī wa kinkō o motomeru): My soul seeks balance
    "Eat the sword of the dragon god" (ryū jin no ken o kurae): Taste the blade of the Dragon God
    "Flow like the water" (mizu no yō ni nagare): Flow like the water
    "I am like the wind!" (Ore wa kaze da): I am like the wind!
    "Still more" (mada mada): Not yet, not yet!
    "Prepared" (kakugo): Readiness / I'm prepared
    "Izahiro always fights" (iza jin jō ni shōbu): Let's play fair
    "Kamai-tachi" (kamai-tachi): Whirlwind cut
    "Damn" (kuso): Damn / shit
    "Good" (joutou da): Let's fight
    "My soul is still burning" (waga tamashī wa mada moete oru): My soul is still burning
    "Let us hope for our defense outcome" (bōei-sen negaou): Let us hope for our defense outcome
    "我が心明镜止水" (waga kokoro meikyōshisui): My mind as bright and clean as a stainless mirror

Hanzo (Japanese)

    "Dragon eats my enemies" (ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau): Dragon, eat my enemies

Mei (Chinese)

    "This world is worth fighting for": Our world is worth fighting for!
    "Frozen, not allowed to go!" (Dòng zhù, bùxǔ zǒu!): Frozen, not allowed to go
    "Zhè yàng kě yǐ dǎng zhù tā men.": This will stop them
    "Ice wall, rise up!" (Bīng qiáng, shēng qǐ lái bā!): Raise, ice wall!
    "Watch this out" (Qiao Qiao Zhe Ge): Check this out!
    "Wait, don't come here!" (Děngděng! Bié guòlai!): Wait! Don't come here!
    "Bullies" (Qīfu rén): Bullies
    "Hey Hey hey": Hey hey I'm here
    "Thank you" (Xièxiè): Thanks

Mercy (German)

    "Heroes don't die": Heroes never / don't die
    "Consultation with the female doctor": Consulting with the female doctor

Widowmaker (French)

    "Nobody escapes my sight": No one can escape my sight
    “It stings, doesn't it?”: It stings, doesn't it?
    "Come on, show yourself": Come on, show yourself
    "I see you ...": I see you
    "Magnificent": Magnificent
    "Encore?": Another one? / Again?
    "Cherché la femme": Search for the woman
    "One bullet, one death": One shot, One kill (lit. "one bullet, one death")
    "Et c'est comme ça": And it's like that
    "À la vie, à la mort": To life, to death" or also "for better, for worse
    “Shit!”: Shit!
    "C'est la vie": That's life

Zarya (Russo)

    Ogon po gotovnosti: Fire at will
    "Together we are strong" (vmeste my sila): Together we are strong

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