Oscar: added the category "Best Popular Film"

The next editions of the award ceremony par excellence in the world of cinema will undergo some changes. The very famous Oscar night it will be renewed with regard to content, duration and broadcast. The Academy announces the introduction of a new award for the category Best Popular Film. Unfortunately, the terms with which this recognition will be awarded have not been explained, but we may know very soon, as the president informs us. John Bailey:

We will strive to produce a show that entertains within three hours, making the Oscars more accessible to viewers around the world. To honor all twenty-four categories we will present some prizes live at the Dolby Theater during the advertising spaces and the moment of victory will then be broadcast later on during the live broadcast. Regarding the category for the best achievement in a popular film, the characteristics to be met to enter the category will be communicated later.

The same explained that the duration of the ceremony will be reduced compared to the usual 4 hours, with the aim of making the show more enjoyable for the public. Oscar night Will be held the February 9 2020 and not on February 23 as scheduled so far.

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