Onward: Beyond the magic is ready for cinemas to reopen

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Although the crisis in the film industry continues to make itself felt, the Walt Disney she is the first to raise her voice. In fact, the news was confirmed that, taking advantage of the reopening a at the beginning of July circuits The Space e Uci Cinemas, an anticipated animated film is ready to make its entrance. We are talking about Onward: Beyond magic, twenty-second title for the Pixar Animation Studios. Its release was scheduled for April 16 2020, but due to the global pandemic it has been postponed. The new official date will be July 22 2020, hoping that even small cinemas can resume their work.

Onward: Beyond magic, the highly anticipated new Pixar film falls into the (small) category of the less daring or non-visionary films of the Emeryville studio, but not for this not worthy of praise as were Brave (2012), Oscar winner for the best animated film , or the prequel of Monsters & Co. (2001), Monster University (2013) directed by Dan Scanlon, not surprisingly the director of this latest film.

In a world where the creatures of myth and fairy tales have abandoned magic for technology and the luxuries of modernity, Ian, a clumsy and insecure young elf, along with his mother Laurel and the ever-optimistic metalhead older brother Barley , lives in New Mushroomton, a residential neighborhood halfway between the Smurf village (all the houses are mushrooms) and the typical American suburb. For his 80th birthday, Ian receives a gift kept in store by his mother: a wizard's staff and a gem left by his father, who tragically died of cancer before Ian was born. The stone and the stick will allow, through a spell, to bring the parent back to life for a day, but something goes wrong and only the legs of the father return to the world of the living. Ian and his brother set out in search of a new stone capable of completing the spell, in an adventure on the road that winks at the great XNUMXs cinema.

These are the words of our careful review, recommended to all fans of the genre. Now all that remains is to wait for the release of Onward: Beyond magic, and hope that some other postponed titles (like Mulan or Wonder Woman 1984) will finally see the light. For all the news, as always we will keep you constantly updated.


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