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There are numerous quality MOBAs for mobile devices, just think of Vainglory or Heroes of Order & Chaos.

Products that take the experience developed by the most famous PC franchises and reduce it effectively, synthesizing the timing of the match, adapting the controls to the touch context and making the use of objects more immediate, all however without getting to a degree of simplification such as to distort the strategic and highly competitive gameplay that has always characterized multiplayer online battle arena. A promising scenario, which led to the creation of various valuable productions, at least until Supercell decided to take the field with its Clash Royale and to defeat everything and everyone with the strength of an intuition that immediately proved to be a winner. What the authors of Clash of Clans managed to do, in fact, was to make MOBAs an experience within everyone's reach., with various strategic substrates that it was possible to deepen or ignore beautifully, nevertheless continuing to enjoy the one-on-one games and to better enhance one's roster of characters. Well, how would the exact same formula be enriched by an important license like that of Star Wars? Netmarble Games shows it to us with Star Wars: Force Arena, a title that involves right from the start thanks to the fact that it has mechanisms very similar to those of Clash Royale, but presenting heroes, villains and basic units taken from the universe of famous film saga.

Star Wars: Force Arena is an excellent Clash Royale clone, less immediate but with an edge

Jedi e arena

After completing a simple tutorial that leads to the unlocking of some characters, including Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, the main screen of Star Wars: Force Arena allows you to try your hand at the first online matches against other users and therefore notice the many similarities with the Clash Royale experience.

The two factions face each other in scenarios well known to fans of the franchise, although the connotation of the map is always the same: a track with two main lanes in which our goal is to destroy the enemy base by passing through three turrets of defence. As time passes, the action energy indicator is charged and allows you to recall the units we have inserted in our deck: their role is to stem the opponent's assaults, but also to absorb the blows that otherwise they would be directed to our hero. There are something like eighty characters to unlock, including those from Rogue One, so we are literally a paradise for Star Wars fans., even more so if they appreciated the experience of the aforementioned Clash Royale. Between one game and the next, in fact, there is a flourishing of unlocked objects and "sachets" of virtual cards to be opened: by collecting a certain number of the same type and using a few coins, it is possible to upgrade the relative units by making them level up. The fundamental difference with the Supercell blockbuster lies precisely in the presence of the protagonists, who move around the map like the characters of any MOBA, whereas the units that act automatically play a bit the role of the minions, while certainly having a greater importance. strategic. In short, the structure developed by Netmarble Games manages to involve in the long run, unlocking even the two-on-two multiplayer after a few games and offering bonuses and special events every day that keep the interest high, together with the same connotation " to classes "of the heroes, which differ in both the type of attack and the" special move ". For example, Luke fights with a lightsaber and can perform a special using the Force, whereas Leia instead strikes from range with a laser pistol and can summon a group of soldiers to her instantly. The system is well supported by a technical department of excellent workmanship, with well-detailed and discreetly animated polygonal models, as well as sound effects and music that draw heavily from the Disney franchise.


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Star Wars: Force Arena is an excellent clone of Clash Royale, therefore a MOBA simplified in its mechanisms and certainly more immediate as regards the duration of the one-on-one or two-on-two clashes. The strategic depth of the experience, however, is evident and the fact of directly controlling the hero on the field, in addition to placing the automatic units, gives the gameplay that extra edge able to make the whole package more solid and profound. Everything is seasoned with the many unlockable characters, coming from a universe among the most popular in the world, a structure full of bonuses and a technical sector of excellent workmanship. If you're a Star Wars fan and enjoyed the Supercell blockbuster, here's a title you can't miss.


  • Important license, very well exploited
  • Proven gameplay, but with an edge
  • Perfect matchmaking, very rich side dish
  • Getting rare characters without paying isn't super easy
  • Some slowdown in four-handed matches
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