One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]

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One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 4 of One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



We will be friends forever
Complete the Prologue of the Legend Journal.
Let's go! "The major route"!
Complete Chapter 1 of the Legend Journal.
But then El Dorado was in heaven!
Complete Chapter 2 of the Legend Journal.
This crew will give you trouble!
Complete Chapter 3 of the Legend Journal.
See you in two years! To the Sabaody Archipelago !!!
Complete Chapter 4 of the Legend Journal.
In this ocean, common sense doesn't apply!
Complete 5 or more islands in the Dream Journal.
We will find out once there!
Complete 15 or more islands in the Dream Journal.
See you at the "top"
Get a total S rating in any episode.
What will be the next dream that I will chase?
Complete 25% or more of the Gallery.
Well done, Zoro!
Launch your first Kizuna Attack.
It's child's play, captain!
Run your first Kizuna Rush.
Salvami, Sogeking!
Unleash your first Hero Power.
... Hey, cook, give me a hand for a moment
Change the crew for the first time.
We are a team, aren't we?
Raise a character's crew level to MAX.
We have become wanted!
Obtain a skill poster.
I will overtake you !!!
Get a skill.
Bye Bye! And thanks for the treasure!
Get a coin.
There must still be other types
Get 50 or more different coin types.
At least this a captain must know how to do
Defeat 1.000 enemies in a single battle.
He already has a crew ... more than reliable.
Use Kizuna Strike with 3 different companions in 1 battle.
I don't know how to do anything, that's why I need help!
Unleash 20 or more Kizuna Attacks in a single battle.
I will be your "Legendary Hero" !!!
Use the Hero's Power a total of 100 times.
Don't underestimate my crew!
Launch a Special Kizuna Attack along with 4 companions.
Go to the top!
Reach 100% Legend Points in any episode.
All of you are my family
Raise the crew level of 20 or more characters to MAX.
Is my bounty 400 million Berry ?!
Obtain 20 or more skill posters.
Now that hat looks good on you!
Get 20 or more skills.
Look how much stuff! And scattered all over the place!
Get 100 or more different coin types.
I can become much stronger
Exceed a character's growth limit.
Put your life on the line and come with me!
Unlock all characters.
Get under even ten thousand!
Defeat over 100.000 enemies.
Typical of Luffy's crew ...
Defeat over 10.000 enemies with Kizuna Attacks.
He's a Legendary Monster !!
Defeat over 10.000 enemies with Special Attacks.
You have the scariest power ... !!
Defeat 300 enemies with a single Kizuna Rush.
You will have to search all over the world!
Reach 100% Legend Points in all episodes.
We ... now we know the whole story
Complete 100% of the Gallery.
I will become the king of pirates!
Collect all trophies.


One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Secret Trophies

We will not let his ideals die!
Complete the last chapter of the Legend Journal.
If we meet now, Luffy, the deals change.
Complete the Dream Journal.
People's dreams never die !!!
Complete "Last Island" in the Dream Journal.
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